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Ultra Rare
Flaming Pumpkin Animated Item
Pirate Hat
Pirate Backpack
Running Man Dance Emote Animated Item
Pirate Coat
Pirate Tactical Armor
Pirate Pants
Pirate Flintlock Magnum
Night Watch Conveys
Blood Thirsty Vampire Tactical Mas
Space Face Tactical Mask
Pirate Eye patch
Haunted Backpack
Night Watch Leggings
Orange Batty Hellfire
Wooly Werewolf Tactical Mask
Alien Abductor Tactical Mask
Twilight Spiral Tactical Mask
Night Watch Parka
All Seeing Eye Tactical Mask
Psycho Clown Tactical Mask
Demon Baby Tactical Mask
Frankenstein's Monster Tactical Mask
Shrouded Mummy Tactical Mask
Gill Face Bandanna
Vlad Face Bandanna
Seraph Helmet Animated Item
Seraph Jacket Animated Item
Seraph AR-15 Animated Item
Mean Girl Corset
Mean Girl Skirt and Boots
Seraph Body Armor
Tigershark RPG-7
Superstar Cabbage Dance Animated Item
Golf Swing Animated Item
Seduction Dance Animated Item
Seraph Military Backpack
Purple Reign ARV
Jungle Camo Offroader
Blue Vengeance M1 Socom
Seraph Pants
Gray Teal ATV
Red Plaid Parachute
Mean Girl Gloves
Seraph Boots
Seraph Gloves
Apocalypse AK-47
Xenomorph AR-15
(PS4 only)
Animated Item
Apocalypse Demon Mask
(PS4 only)
Dogracer Lola Mask
(PS4 only)
Fire Hazard Skull Mask
(PC only)
Animated Item
Rainbowier Unicorn Mask
(PC only)
Animated Item
Fire Hazard AR-15
(PC only)
Animated Item
Rainbow Unicorn Military Backpack
Rainbow Unicorn Hoodie
Sun's Out Racing Helmet
Fire Hazard ATV
Assassin Drawstring Backpack
Assassin Sleeveless Hoodie
Rainbow Unicorn Conveys
Razor Wire Hellfire 4-6
Assassin Sweatpants
Sun's Out Conveys
Z1 Homecoming Parachute
Rainbow Unicorn Warmup Pants
Assassin Slip-On Sneakers
Sun's Out Fingerless Gloves
Sun's Out Face Bandana
Sun's Out Tanktop
Sun-Bleached Short Shorts
Mayhem AR-15 Animated Item
Nemesis ARV
Painted Skull Mask
Little Red Riot Shotgun
Gas Runner Parachute
Black and Red Jacket
Graffiti AK-47
Toxic Backpack
Purple Stripe Crossbow
Digital Camo Offroader
Zebra Hellfire 4-6
Fullback Makeshift Armor
Mayhem ATV
Have A Nice Day Body Armor
H1Z1 Parachute
Ender M9
Princess Grip Magnum
Flame Licked Leather Pants
Star Motorcycle Helmet
Blue Stripe Fingerless Gloves
Flower Print Scrubs Shirt
Freerunner Helmet
Fortune AK-47 Animated Item
Golden Dragon Hellfire 4-6 Animated Item
Scorpio AR-15 Animated Item
Maneki Makeshift Armor
Unbreakable Hellfire 4-6
Fortune Magnum
Freerunner Shirt
Freerunner Rucksack
Jade AR-15
Harmony AK-47
Bronze Riot Shotgun
Unbreakable Parachute
Freerunner Pants
Freerunner Sneakers
Freerunner Gloves
Calamity Bandana
Survive T-Shirt
Jade M9
Sandalwood Magnum
Sunrise Parachute