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  • About H1Z1: Just Survive

    H1Z1 is a post-apocalyptic MMO in which you must use skill and wit to fight for their lives against a world overrun by zombies.

    Every moment is borrowed time as you scavenge for supplies, craft items and build a base to protect yourself from what lurks around every corner. As an open PvP game, some players may offer help, but others may be trying to steal precious resources. Band together or venture alone? The decision is up to you.

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  • Intelligent Undead

    Always looking for their next meal, your gunshot is the zombie dinner bell.

    Zombies are programmed with emergent AI, making each encounter unpredictable. Stay on your toes and always plan your escape or run the risk of the horde bringing you to your untimely demise.

  • Base Building

    Protect yourself from the elements, enemies and the ever-impending undead by building a defensible base.

    Group with others to pool resources and create heavily fortified structures to defend yourself, your friends, and your possessions before you meet your sudden death and lose it all.

  • Weapons

    While a wooden spear will always be there for you, you won’t last long against the undead without some more efficient weaponry.

    Scavenge through the wasteland for axes, bows, guns, explosives, and anything else you can find to help you in the struggle to stay alive, but remember… other survivors will be doing the same, and you may have something they want.

  • Vehicles

    Some cars, trucks, ATVs, and even police cruisers may still be salvageable if you’re lucky enough to find them.

    And although they take a lot of effort and resources to repair and maintain, vehicles offer an additional way to mow down opponents, search a large area efficiently, and offer multi-passenger transportation.

  • Crafting

    Increase your chances of making it through another day by scavenging for items in the nooks and crannies of society.

    Almost everything found can be consumed or crafted to make something useful to your plight. Combine materials to make tools, weapons, traps, water collectors, explosives, shelters and more!

  • Comfort & Environment

    There’s more to life than just making sure you don’t get eaten by zombies.

    Monitor your vitals, impacted by hunger, thirst, comfort and weather to make sure you live to see another dawn.