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Game Update

The Arena & Crafting Improvements

The all-new Frostbite Crate has been released!

  • 26 all-new items featuring the ultra-rare Rainbow Unicorn Mask.
  • Ice the opposition with the ultra-rare animated Frostbite AR-15!

Preseason 2 is kicking off!

  • Leaderboards and Stats have been reset for Preseason 2.
  • Preseason 1 participants will be rewarded with the exclusive Tribute Backpack.
  • We’ve changed the Score Thresholds for Bronze through Diamond Tiers to improve the distribution of players within those Tiers.   

New Feature: Events

  • Events are scheduled games that can be entered with Event Tickets or Crowns
  • Starting on December 13th and running until January 10th, players can participate in scheduled Skull Crusher Events to compete for Skulls and Legacy crates.
  • The Legacy Crate, for now only available as a reward in the Skull Crusher Event, has some of the coolest “classic” skins in the game.  

New Feature: Twitch Invite

  • Streamers who link their Twitch account in-game will be able to invite their viewers directly into their Duos and Fives groups. 
  • Viewers must also have their Twitch accounts linked to be eligible to receive an invite.
  • Don’t forget to check out Twitch Prime Month, which kicks off on 12/7!

The Arena has been updated!

  • A new POI, Scott’s Airfield, has been added north of Ruby Lake.
  • Fire extinguishers have been added to building interiors and will release smoke when shot.
  • More ATVs have been added to the outskirts of the map.
  • Added more cover to some of the larger open areas (e.g. west of PV).
  • Added more loot camps to some of the open areas.
  • Long fences now have more openings.
  • Trees can no longer be chopped down.
  • Fixed missing collision in the Hospital stairwell and dozens of other minor bugs such as double-doors and misplaced objects.

The Crafting panel has been overhauled 

  • Progress bars make it clear when you can craft an item.
  • Reorganized the list of recipes based on what’s most commonly crafted.
  • Added buttons for Craft and Craft Max.
  • [Known issue] We are aware of the bug causing Procoagulant to appear ready to Craft despite missing some ingredients.  The new Crafting panel makes this bug a bit more obvious; be sure to check your recipe ingredients before attempting to Craft!  All other recipes behave as intended and we’re working on a fix for Procoagulant.

The Scrapyard and Scrapping have been reworked

  • The Scrapyard now displays the available items.  Go get favorites like the Heavy Assault Gear or the Mask of the Jester! 
  • Scrapping an item is now done via Right-Click (this still occurs in the Appearance window).
  • The confirmation window will now only appear for Ultra-Rare items or if the item being Scrapped is your last one.
  • The amount of Scrap you’ll gain from an item will now be displayed

Scrapping bug fixes:

  • Items will no longer be scrapped twice by spamming the Scrap button very quickly.
  • It won’t be possible to Scrap the wrong item by moving the mouse to a different item while Scrapping.
  • Items that are scrapped will no longer move to the first slot in the appearance window
  • The preview character will no longer be wearing an item if the last one is scrapped.

General improvements & bug fixes

  • We’ve tuned ping restrictions and fair play systems to be more consistently messaged.
  • We’ve made some enhancements to the projectile code that should result in fewer “ghost bullets” and improved hit registration with all guns.
  • Firing as a reload animation completes will no longer result in incorrect ammo counts.
  • Cleaned up the end of match screens (for death and victory) to display correct information across all game modes.
  • Winning teams will no longer incorrectly finish in second place.
  • Pressing the Escape button should correctly close in-game menus after winning a match.
  • Explosive arrow damage should be much more consistent.
  • Explosive arrows should no longer damage players through walls.
  • Terrain and Trees now provide cover correctly in between the target and the explosion.
  • Bandages and first aid kits will be placed in the empty hotkey slot when looted from proximity.
  • Fixed an issue where military backpacks don't auto-equip over normal backpacks when looted from another player.
  • Guns should always correctly animate off-center when firing is blocked.
  • Lootable items on elevated surfaces should now correctly display in proximity.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow players to slide quickly while prone.
  • Underscores can now be used in character names.
  • Pressing "Escape" should always correctly exit in-game menus.
  • Police cars should no longer get wedged under guard rails and abandoned cars and explode.
  • Fixed the shred times on Kitsune Plated Full Helmet and Tactical Goggles.
  • Moving while crouched on certain wooden surfaces with stealth shoes will no longer be silent (but should still be very quiet).
  • Fixed an issue where the team member UI could occasionally disappear during match start.
  • Exiting a vehicle while looking backwards in first person will no longer briefly invert movement controls.
  • Basic skins should no longer be duplicated on the appearance screen.
  • Cleaned up the transition between the throwing animation and swapping weapons.
  • Bullets should once again make a sound as they closely pass by players.
  • Cleaned up the error messages indicating players have been disconnected for being idle (this will still occur if you go AFK for an extended period of time).
  • Back Your Match info text has been cleaned up to better describe how the feature works.
  • Cleaned up some display bugs on the Leaderboard page.

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