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Game Update

Game Update July 20th

H1Z1: King of the Kill game servers will be coming down on Thursday, July 20th at 1pm PST for maintenance and an update.  Downtime is estimated to be approximately 4 hours.  The update includes several bug fixes, server optimizations and various other improvements.  Below is a list of the changes:

  • Hit-Reg: Fixed an issue where shots could pass through players sitting in vehicles from certain angles, without taking damage. 
  • Anti-cheat: Several changes have been incorporated to further prevent cheating.
  • Updated the network diagnostic HUD element that can be toggled on by pressing ‘N’ (default).  Please enable this while recording or streaming – if you encounter latency or desync issues and send us the video, it’ll be a huge help to pinpointing problems.
  • Steam avatars should no longer occasionally be missing in the main menu lobby.
  • Players will now correctly be awarded credit for kills when their victim is “finished off” by indirect damage such as gas, falling, or car explosions.  Also fixed Molotov’s and explosive arrows counting as environmental kills instead of player kills.
  • Med kits are no longer consumed when they do not actually begin a heal over time (this occurs when a med kit is applied when another med kit healing effect is already active on the player).
  • Fixed an issue where firing at the same time as a reload is triggered could cause the ammo count to be incorrect.
  • The prone to stand up animation can no longer be skipped.
  • Renamed the “Bandages” and “Other Medical” key bindings to “Medical 1” and “Medical 2” since any medical item can be equipped in either slot.
  • Postal boxes will now correctly take damage from vehicles.
  • Objects and lootable items no longer spawn slightly underground in warehouses.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing infinite load screens (IRM).  We are still investigating this to make sure any other causes are identified and addressed.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur with outdated graphics drivers or overheating/overclocked GPUs.
  • Fixed a server crash that would disconnect all players in a match when it occurred.

Just a reminder that during the Live server downtime, the NA, EU and APAC Public Test servers will be open for everyone. 

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