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Game Update June 29th

Team Scoring & Pre-season 5

When this update goes Live, Pre-Season 5 begins!  Duos and Fives now feature a Top 10 scoring system similar to the one currently in Solos.  Teams will be scored based on the kills and assists of the individual team members as well as the final placement of the overall team.  The badge that becomes part of your top 10 is the total team score and an accumulation of all kills and assists the team got as a whole.  Once you have 10 scores as an individual, you will be placed on the leaderboard for that mode just like in Solos.  Learn more about Team Scoring and Pre-Season 5 right here!

  • Match end screens have been completely reconfigured to show individual and team performances at the end of each game.  These end screens will apply to all game modes, including Skirmish.
  • Duos and Fives will have the same tiers as Solos, with their own set of Top 10s and leaderboards.
  • Master Tier - A new tier has been added between Diamond and Royalty.
  • The highly elite Royalty 1 now has its own unique emblem.


Gas and Match Pacing

In order to make more use of the map and to provide more variety in gameplay, we've revamped the toxic gas system to give the Design team more control over each phase of the game.   You can now expect the safe zone to migrate all over the map, including further to reach locations such as the dam.

  • Spawn placement is now based on the location of the initial gas ring so that you’re not too far away from it.
  • Initial gas ring start and end progression has been randomized to provide thousands more possibilities than before.
  • Certain areas that are unfit for the Final Showdown, particularly on the edges of the map, are excluded from the system.
  • Text has been added to the HUD to indicate if you are in the safe zone or not.
  • The gas phases will now dynamically adjust their duration based on the number of players that remain.
  • Placement in consecutive phases are now much more random


The Arena

  • New POI: Coy’s Car Salvage – Nestled up on a large hill just west of PV you will find a large salvage yard dedicated to the collection, dismantling, and shipping of unwanted vehicles.
  • New POI: Ponyvale Equestrian Estates – A rustic community for the most hardcore horse enthusiasts can be found on a large peninsula just west of Cranberry.
  • New POI: Emerald Hydra, Site 7 – This repurposed Romero’s grocery store east of Cranberry was taken over and fortified as a military HQ during the zombie outbreak.
  • Several smaller POIs and loot spots have been added to a number of areas.
  • Trees should look a lot more realistic from above, particularly when parachuting into The Arena.  See if you can spot them!

New Skirmish: Pleasant Valley Nightmare

  • Players spawn in the vicinity of Pleasant Valley, which is already surrounded by toxic gas.
  • The game begins in the middle of the night and will slowly transition into early morning.
  • The gas will close in faster than in traditional games.
  • There is now an end game score screen.


  • As the game has grown in popularity, we've been investing heavily into our anti-cheat solutions. So in addition to our existing anti-hacking mechanisms within the game and 24/7 monitoring by our CS team, we’ve incorporated additional measures to further prevent cheating. Cheating is a bannable offense. As a reminder, if you encounter another player that you suspect is cheating, please notify us immediately -
  • We've added a "report" button to alert us to potential cheating behavior.


Game Tuning & Quality of Life

Laminated Armor

  • Laminated Armors will no longer spawn within 250 meters of each other and make finding multiple armors more difficult and time consuming.
  • Laminated Armor bulk has been increased from 500 to 1000.
  • Laminated Armor can now be found in Airdrop Crates (doubled in Fives).


  • Pickup truck now suffers zero damage or slowdown from destructible objects
  • Pickup truck now suffers 50% less damage from non-destructible objects (trees, etc.)
  • Improved the acceleration and top speed of the pickup truck
  • Offroader turning radius is tighter and more responsive
  • Offroader no longer loses power on slopes steeper than 40 degrees, making it the best climber
  • Police cars will be slightly slower when climbing hills than before

Grouping Lobby

  • Voice chat has been added to the lobby for teams.
  • Group invites received through steam will persist longer.  If you accept an invite without the game open, it will launch the game and put you directly into the lobby.
  • There is now a panel that shows the players you recently grouped with.
  • Members of a lobby can now suggest invites to the group leader, who is now clearly identified.
  • When using “Find a Group,” there is now an option to stay with your group.  Default “G” to opt-in during gameplay (will be shown in an HUD element on the left side of the screen).

General Updates & UI

  • Bombing runs will no longer occur when there are fewer than 20 players remaining.
  • Inventory and containers will no longer “auto-sort” when items are moved or removed.  Instead, an empty slot will preserve the spot where the item was moved from so that all other items remain in the same location.  This should help prevent shredding or dropping the wrong item.
  • Container UI will gray out when you’re unable to loot it (because someone else is looting it, or you’re using proximity to examine an Airdrop Crate).
  • Bandages, medkits, and procoagulent can now be inserted into either medical slot.
  • Adjusted the acceleration and deceleration rates for lateral speeds at low altitude for better control while parachuting
  • Report Player button has been re-added to the death screen UI
  • A new panel has been added to the main menu to make it easier to discover Events, Skirmishes, and anything else going on in the game.  The images in the panels are links to the appropriate areas in the UI.
  • Slightly increased the duration of Kill Receipts
  • There is now a brief delay between the final kill and the victory screen so that you know who your last victim was.
  • Inventory “More Info” panel now has better (and visual) information to help new players.


Game Diagnostics and Infrastructure

  • A new diagnostics and network panel can be brought up using the "N" key.  Using this while streaming will help us diagnose network and hit registration issues. 
  • We’ve made some fairly significant server infrastructure improvements that should further reduce server downtime during updates.  These enhancements will take effect after today’s game update


Bug Fixes

  • Vehicles should always break through destructible objects
  • Vehicles should no longer temporarily disappear after dying and spectating a teammate
  • Vehicle skidding sound effect should no longer continue to play when the vehicle isn’t moving
  • Explosives should no longer do damage through doors
  • Objects that aren't completely protecting the player should no longer block explosive / AOE damage.
  • The kill feed should no longer disappear during gameplay
  • Team Spectate “Next” and “Previous” buttons should no longer occasionally go missing
  • Cleaned up the delay between hotwire and vehicle responsiveness
  • Vehicles no longer take damage from punches
  • Voice chat should no longer unexpectedly increase in volume as players spawn into parachutes
  • End screens will no longer display error strings after exiting a match
  • Death screen should no longer display a series of W’s as the player name
  • Character names will no longer be cut off after an underscore in voice chat
  • Fixed an issue causing the 3D scene in the main menu to be missing after a fresh install
  • Various fixes in text descriptions for items

Known Issues

Missing Match End Screen in DUOs
Very rarely, the match end screen will not appear for the last player killed on a team in DUOS. If this does occur, the “Exit Match” button should still appear, allowing the player to exit to the lobby. All scoring will still be recorded properly. We plan to publish a client-only hotfix as soon as we have a fix ready.

Multiple team members appear with same color outline
Rarely, multiple team members may appear with the same outline color. We’ve typically see this encountered after the player makes a graphical settings change within the Options menu, but does not restart the client as instructed. In most instances, a client restart should resolve it.

Training: Auto-sort bug
In Training only, very rarely when the contents of a bag auto-sort, they cannot be looted.

Armor icon occasionally missing next to life bar
Occasionally, when picking up armor via proximity menu, the armor icon next to the life bar will be missing. Un-equipping and reequipping should resolve.

Missing personalized avatars after exiting match
Occasionally, players entering the game or returning to the front end from a game will be missing personalized avatars for both themselves and players on the their friends list. This is purely a cosmetic issue and a client restart will resolve it.

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