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Weekend Event

Get a Victory Crate for your first top 10 finish!

Plus, get Skull rewards for each top 10 finish!

This Week's Event
Shotties & Snipers
Mar 16 – Mar 19

Shotties & Snipers runs like a normal match except the only weapons that spawn are shotguns and sniper rifles!



1st-1,000 Skulls
2nd-300 Skulls
3rd-300 Skulls
4th-300 Skulls
5th-300 Skulls
6th-300 Skulls
7th-300 Skulls
8th-300 Skulls
9th-300 Skulls
10th-300 Skulls

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  • How do events work?
    Unlike normal matches, there are only a set number of event matches that players can join. Event matches kick off every 10 minutes during a server’s peak hours. Check out the event menu in game to see the exact timing for each event!
  • How do I join an event?
    From the Main Menu, click Play. At the bottom of the list you’ll see the Events button. From there you can click an event to jump into Fort Destiny and the match will start at the appointed time.
  • What is Shotties and Snipers?
    Shotties and Snipers runs like a normal match except the only weapons you’ll find on the ground are shotguns and snipers.