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11-21-2017 Hotfix - 11/21

See what's in today's hotfix

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The event will be available November 22nd through November 26th. 

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11-17-2017 Your Preseason 7 Guide!

A fresh start means new rewards for climbing the leaderboards!

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11-17-2017 NEW: Daily Challenges & Skull Store Rewards!

Daily Challenges and brand new Skull Store rewards take the game to the next level!

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11-15-2017 Game Update: Combat Zone, Daily Challenges, & More!

See what's going into the big November update.

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11-13-2017 Cheating: It’s Just Not Worth It

Read more about the consequences of cheating in H1Z1.

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11-09-2017 Test Server Update - Daily Challenges

Come see what's new on the Test Server

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11-08-2017 Producer's Letter: Combat Zone & More!

Anthony Castoro gives some deeper insight on the next game update. 

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11-03-2017 Test Server Update - Nov 3

Combat Practice arrives!

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11-01-2017 UPDATED: Hosted Games!

From competitive to community matches, here’s how to get involved!

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10-27-2017 Swagnum Opus Skirmish!

Play this explosive new brawl throughout the weekend!

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10-24-2017 Full TwitchCon Invitational Standings

See where all 75 ended up!

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10-19-2017 Watch the H1Z1 Invitational and Win!

Can't make it to to TwitchCon? Here's how to watch from home!

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10-19-2017 Game Update - 10/19

A new look and updates!

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10-16-2017 Your H1Z1 Arena Guide for TwitchCon!

Coming to TwitchCon? Here's your ultimate guide to the H1Z1 Arena!

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