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Season 6 Rank Rewards

Finish Season 6 strong and earn premium rewards! 

EDIT: Season 6 start date has been pushed back to March 11 (from March 4) due to a necessary server migration in our EU region scheduled for this week.

Season 6 has been extended through Wednesday, March 11 - just enough time to secure your placement on the Leaderboards and earn premium rewards for your prowess!

As with prior seasons, rank up to a certain tier on the Career Leaderboards by the final day of Season 6 and you'll earn the current tier reward and ALL the rewards from the tiers you passed during your ascension: 

  • Silver: Tactical Welding Helmet (Rare/Purple)
  • Gold: Patriotic Motorcycle Helmet (Ultra Rare/Gold)
  • Platinum: Stealth Cat Tactical Helmet (Legendary/Orange) 
  • Diamond: Red Seraph Mask (Legendary/Orange)
  • Master: Black Seraph Mask (Legendary/Orange)

All rewards will be auto-granted after Season 6 concludes.

How high will you climb by Season 6 end? Sound off on Facebook, Twitter, of our official forums!