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PS4 Game Update: November 21, 2019

A New Ride, Vehicle Audio Fix, and Time for a Turkey Hunt!

H1Z1 (PS4) servers will be coming offline at the below times for each region for an estimated 2-hour maintenance to bring you the new game update:




Rev your engines, a beastly addition to H1Z1's motorpool is coming to Outland! The Razorback offers the best in high-end pickup availability, featuring improved acceleration, sharp turning, and extra stability. Starting today, this mean ride will be available on the Outland map in all core game modes (solos, duos, and fives). 


It's gobble gobble season, and that means the return of a Thanksgiving classic! Turkey Hunt will be available as a solos Arcade Mode starting tomorrow, Thursday, November 21, through Monday, December 2. This mode takes place on the classic H1Z1 map (Z2), includes all weapons available in solos, and serves up a tasty twist: every player starts out  in their own personal Overstuffed Turkey Ghillie

Win 1 match of Turkey Hunt while it's available in Arcade Mode and you'll automatically unlock the Overstuffed Turkey Ghillie to wear in any game mode!


Soup up your new ride with up to 8 sweet styles in the new Razorback Crate! Each Crate purchase offers a 1 in 20 chance to hit Jackpot, which will unlock ALL 8 crate skins PLUS the bonus Jet Black Razorback!

A word on dupes: if you don't hit Jackpot, you will receive 1 of 8 Razorback skins until all 8 are rewarded (no dupes). You can only receive a duplicate skin after your 8th purchase (which still offers the same 1 in 20 chance to hit jackpot and receive the bonus item).

Read on for full patch notes.


  • Added New Vehicle - Razorback
  • Added New Crate - Razorback Crate
  • Enabled Arcade Event Mode - Turkey Hunt
  • Added New Marketplace Items


  • Fixed the issue that caused audio corruption while in proximity to a vehicle
  • Fixed numerous clipping issues with character cosmetics
  • Fixed main menu UI to correctly reflect Season Rewards has 50 levels
  • Bacon Ghillies now auto-skin correctly in-game