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[UPDATED] Steam DLC - Bronze, Silver, and Gold Battle Royale Packs!

Celebrate H1Z1 going free to play with 3 brand new bundles!

[UPDATED APRIL 2] The Bronze, Silver, and Gold Battle Royale packs went into the vault on Monday, April 2.

In case you missed it, H1Z1 is now free to play! If you haven't already, head on over to Steam to DOWNLOAD THE GAME NOW and hop into all the high-octane Battle Royale and Auto Royale mayhem.

To celebrate our launch and transition to free to play, we’re introducing three brand new Steam DLC bundles - each with some Crates and a variety of existing and never-before-seen skins. Read on below to see what’s in each:

Bronze Battle Royale Pack
$19.99 SRP

Silver Battle Royale Pack
$49.99 SRP

Gold LIMITED EDITION Battle Royale Pack
$99.99 SRP

10 Mayhem Crates 25 Mayhem Crates 50 Mayhem Crates
2 Bronze Zodiac Crates 2 Silver Mayhem Crates 1 Gold Mayhem Crate
Urbanator Outfit (New) 2 Bronze Zodiac Crates 2 Silver Mayhem Crates
Bronze Riot Shotgun (from Zodiac Crate) 20,000 Skulls 2 Bronze Zodiac Crates
BUY NOW Pink Poodle Sedan (New) 50,000 Skulls
  Dogracer Lola Mask (New) Pink Poodle Sedan (New)
  Urbanator Outfit (New) Slate Camo ARV (New)
  Silver Soldier Outfit (New) Dogracer Lola Mask (New)
  Harmony AK-47 (from Zodiac Crate) Dogracer Leo Mask (New)
  Bronze Riot Shotgun (from Zodiac Crate) Urbanator Outfit (New)
  BUY NOW Silver Soldier Outfit (New)
    Westwood Outfit (New)
    Harmony AK-47 (from Zodiac Crate)
    Bronze Riot Shotgun (from Zodiac Crate)
    Crimson-Etched AK-47 (New)


Can I trade or market the items in these Packs?

The items you receive out of the Crates and the items from existing Crates (such as the Zodiac Crate) are all tradeable/marketable after the usual duration. The items marked as (New) are all untradeable/unmarketable.

Can I purchase multiples of the same Pack?

Each tier of Pack can only be purchased once per Steam account. If you purchase more than one tier of Pack, any duplicate items across the multiple purchases will stack. There is no “upgrading” from one tier to another - each is a separate purchase at the stated price.

Which of the new outfits are you most excited to sport in Auto Royale? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!