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Cheating: It’s Just Not Worth It

Read more about the consequences of cheating in H1Z1.

There are tons of things to be excited about within the competitive community right now: the H1Z1 Pro League is in the midst of selecting teams, the Elite Series at DreamHack Winter is just around the corner, there are lots of competitive Hosted Games occurring, and Combat Zone and Daily Challenges are getting fired up with this next update. With all the positive momentum around tournaments and competitive play, we want to take a moment to address cheating. 

We’ve talked about it before; we take cheating and hacking extremely seriously here at Daybreak. Cheating contradicts the competitive spirit of H1Z1 and ruins the fun for the other players. We’re constantly updating our current methods of cheat detection and continue to heavily invest in new forms of monitoring. With the increase of competitive play initiatives, preventing cheating and providing a fair playing ground remains a top priority. Getting caught cheating has always meant that your account could get banned and you could lose good standing with Daybreak, which means you also lose all in-game items. To ensure our competitive play experience remains positive and fair, when a player is caught using hack programs not only will they receive an in-game ban, but they’ll also receive a ban from any official Daybreak sponsored event, competitive and casual. 

In the end, we are always watching and always improving, and it’s just not worth it.  To learn how to report fair play violations visit our website.