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NEW: Daily Challenges & Skull Store Rewards!

Daily Challenges and brand new Skull Store rewards take the game to the next level!

Daily Challenges

Play more, earn more - we’re pleased to announce the new Daily Challenge system for H1Z1! Attaining Royalty is no longer the only goal you’ll be trying to accomplish by playing matches. Each day, you’ll be faced with three optional Challenges. These Challenges will earn you a certain amount of Skulls that you can then take to the newly-updated Skull Store (more on that below).

The three Challenges will vary in difficulty, with the harder Challenges paying out more Skulls. Not a fan of one of the Challenges present to you? You’ll have the ability to discard one Challenge per day and get a replacement one.

Don’t think you can accomplish a Challenge in a single match or play session? Don’t worry - Challenges will only reset after you’ve completed them. Once you have completed a certain Challenge, you’ll be presented with a new one when they reset at midnight GMT.

Skull Store Update

With the addition of the new Daily Challenge system, you’re going to need a place to spend all your hard-earned Skulls. The Skull Store will be your one stop shop for items that can only be found within its digital walls. The Skull Store is not a new addition to the game, but we are making serious improvements to it. You’re still going to have the option to get all the original Skull Store items, but we’ve readjusted their prices to better utilize the new Daily Challenge feature.

Item Skull Price
White Suit Jacket 3500
Green Plaid Suit Jacket 3500
Green Striped Suit Jacket 3500
White Slacks 1000
Beige Plaid Slacks 1000
Green Striped Slacks 1000
King of the Kill Offroader 10000
Shallow Grave Offroader 10000
Yellow Graphic Offroader 20000
Patriotic Offroader 45000
Molten Tactical Helmet 45000
Toxic Cargo Pants 3500
Rasta Offroader 20000
Devil's Advocate Suit Jacket 30000


Four brand new items have been added to the Skull Store, and we’ll be adding a new item each week for the next 6 weeks. These awesome new items will give you something else to chase and help prove amongst your friends who’s truly the best.

Molten Tactical Helmet Toxic Cargo Pants Rasta Offroader Devil's Advocate Suit Jacket