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Daily Challenge Adjustments & Skull Boosts

More Challenges, More Skulls

Ever since rolling out the new Daily Challenges system, we’ve seen players across the board respond positively about getting rewards on a more frequent basis for accomplishing in-game actions. However, we also realized that some of the Challenges were imbalanced and needed additional tweaking. Instead of just making small tweaks, we wanted to provide larger positives for the biggest accomplishments in-game. For instance, winning a match is more significant than getting a handful of random kills across multiple matches with the shotgun, so it’s now rewarded in that way. Daily Challenges should be a reflection on the game itself, so the larger milestones deserve more of a reward.

In addition to the above, we also appreciate everyone’s feedback and suggestions for new Challenges since it was launched. We will continue to make additions and adjustments to the Daily Challenge system itself, some of which will be rolling out in the next update:

  • All Medium Challenges are now worth 300 Skulls (200 previously)
  • All Hard Challenges are now worth 500 - 4,000 Skulls, depending on individual difficulty (500 only previously)
  • Adjusted the difficulty of some Hard Challenges that were a bit too hard to complete in a day
  • Added additional Challenges to the overall pool, with more coming in the future

As this system essentially replaced the Bounty system, there are players who have been looking for ways to prove their performance for larger rewards. The above changes are part of that, but we’re also rolling out a new feature today called “Skull Boosts”.

Skull Boosts work similarly to boosts you’ve seen in other games, allowing you to earn additional Skulls on your account through an additional purchase. They come in three varying levels, all with a 7-day time limit attached. Players can choose from a 50%, 100%, or 150% boost to their acquired Skulls within that 7-day period. For those wondering, yes the boosts will stack, for a maximum Skull Boost of 300% in addition to your current Skull reward. You can access them from the main menu in-game, or the Daily Challenges section.

We know you likely have questions, and we’ve provided a bunch of answers in the FAQ below.



Q: How can I purchase a Skull Boost?

A: Skull Boosts can only be purchased with Crowns, from the in-game menu.


Q: How long does a Skull Boost last?

A: 7 days from the moment of purchase, and the Skull Boost will become immediately active on your account.


Q: Can I purchase multiple Skull Boosts of the same level?

A: No. Only a single Skull Boost at each level can be purchased.


Q: Do Skull Boosts stack if I purchase multiple levels?

A: Yes, Skull Boosts will stack. For example, if you purchase a 50% Boost and a 150% Boost, your total Boost will be 200% as long as both Boosts are active. The maximum stackable Boost currently is 300%.


Q: If I have a 300% Stacked Boost active, how much is that in Skulls for completing a Challenge?

A: Let’s say you complete a Medium Challenge for 300 Skulls. With a 300% Boost active, you will earn the original 300 Skulls, plus 300% more, or 900 additional Skulls. Your total reward, with Skull Boost for this specific challenge, will be 1200 Skulls.


Q: Do Skull Boosts have to be active before I start a Challenge, or can I acquire a Boost when nearing completion?

A: Skull Boosts can be applied at any time throughout the progression of a Challenge, and will apply to the full reward.


Q: Can I see how much time I have left on my Skull Boost while in a match?

A: Unfortunately, you can only see that on the main menu and within the Daily Challenges section.


Q: Will Skull Boosts also apply to Event Challenges?

A: If the reward is in Skulls for the Event Challenge, yes.


Q: Will Skull Boosts allow me to exchange any additional Challenges?

A: No, you still get a single exchange of any Daily Challenge per day.