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Denial Esports Is Gearing Up to Compete!

Learn about the dynamics, strategies, and players that make up Denial Esports!

Denial Esports was one of the first teams locked in to join us at the H1Z1: Fight for the Crown tournament, AND was one of the first organizations to form an H1Z1 team. Denial's roster includes Pineaqples, who won himself a spot (and a 6th place finish) in the 2016 Invitational as victor of the #TakeYourShot contest, and Yogi, who placed in the H1Z1 Showdown back in 2015. Crank, who was a participant in the 2015 Invitational, also holds a spot on the team. Ogtriv and Tfue round out the roster as strong competitors.

We got a chance to talk to the players about their thoughts on the upcoming tournament and what it's like to play H1Z1: King of the Kill competitively.

The Players:

Pineaqples Yogi Ogtriv Crank Tfue
Pineaqples Yogi Ogtriv Crank Tfue

How do you get in the mindset to play a competitive match?

Pineaqples: A lot of us have worked a long time at being competitive H1 players - as a team, we make sure to keep our eyes on the prize and keep each other focused.

Yogi: We have to make sure to stay confident in each others' abilities, and when we play we have to know we're the best.

What made you decide play H1Z1: King of the Kill competitively?

Yogi: I played in the qualifiers for the 2015 Invitational - I made it to the final round, and although I didn't make it in, with the pressure and excitement I felt from playing in those matches I knew I wanted to keep playing and improving.

Pineaqples: Once I got into the Invitational and placed, I felt adrenaline, happiness, and excitement. I knew I wanted more and that becoming a competitive player would be the first step to getting there.

How have the two of you changed as players since then?

Pineaqples: I try to be as consistent as I can be. During the Invitational, I wasn't as confident as I am now, but now that I have one of the best teams backing me up, I'm a lot more team-oriented.

Yogi: I've put a lot more time into practicing since the last Invitational - I want to be the best. I've been focusing on making my shot better and continuing to improve teamwork.

What does your team dynamic look like?

Crank: I'm the shot caller and everyone else is just kinda there... (Kappa)

Yogi: Haha, Crank really is our shot caller - we all trust in him no matter what call he makes. Even if it ends up being wrong, we'll be there to back him up no matter what. Everyone else makes sure to stick together and play smart. We try not to overextend or make bad plays - we just try to be the best in everything that we do.

What strategy are you thinking about using at the tournament?

Pineaqples: We're going to be playing strictly for the win. We're not worried about what other teams are doing; we are going to focus on ourselves and do our best to make it to the end.

What sets Denial apart from the other competitive teams?

Yogi: Most of us were never considered to be top players, and people didn't think we were good enough to make it on a team. When we all came together, we ended up beating out some of the other teams that thought we couldn't do it. A lot of teams have a bunch of solo stars, but we play together really well as a group, and that's not something everyone can excel at.

If you could give a piece of advice to a player who wanted to get into the competitive scene, what would you tell them?

Yogi: Make sure you grab a team and hop into scrims. They happen every night, so there's plenty of time to practice. There are always a lot of great teams playing, as well as new teams, and you don't have to worry about being the best. It's a great place to learn and get started.

Pineaqples: Solo leaderboards are also a great way to back up your play. They really show that you're capable of performing well.

How would you describe your playstyle?

Ogtriv: I'm not someone who worries about my aim too much...

Pineaqples: Yeah, we call Triv the specialist - he always uses different techniques that a lot of teams wouldn't normally expect, and it catches them off guard. Crank, our shot caller, is very aggressive. He's always playing forward or pushing up to contest other teams. Having a variety of playstyles really adds to our team dynamic.

Who has the strangest pre-game ritual?

Pineaqples: I do - I always jump on a particular fence in Fort Destiny before the match starts. I call it the Royalty jump.

Anything else you'd like to let the community know?

Pineaqples: People better be ready to see Denial in the money.

Denial Esports is out to prove their skill in the H1Z1: Fight for the Crown tournament! Keep tuning in to learn more about the other competitors who will joining us.