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Game Update: March 15

Skull Store retirement, Shotties & Snipers, animating the Participant AR, and more!

Live servers will be coming down at 8PM PT tonight for an update that includes Shotties & Snipers for the weekend, the retirement of some classic Skull Store items, the animated update to the 2018 Showdown Participant AR, and some additional fixes. The downtime should be approximately 3 hours - full patch notes below!

  • Retired the below items from the Skull Store

  • Brightened non-drivable vehicles and several warehouses in The Arena in order to help with visibility and target acquisition.
  • Players are no longer able to switch seats in Auto Royale until all teammates have loaded in. This prevents a few bugs that occurred as a result of this behavior.
  • Royalty icons are no longer incorrectly shown in the UI after playing ten games of Auto Royale.
  • North America no longer takes longer to load into Region Select than other regions.
  • Fixed several UI bugs in the spectate camera and versus panel for Hosted Games.
  • No longer auto-opening the Spawn Selection panel when entering the box. This should help resolve the stuck cursor issue.
  • Added the Shotties & Snipers event for the weekend.
  • 2018 Showdown Participant AR Skin is now animated.