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Game Update: March 22

Auto Royale gets a guided rocket launcher, a Duos version, and more!

Today's patch brings a brand new weapon just to Auto Royale - the guided rocket launcher (LG-IR)! We're also introducing a new Auto Royale Duos mode. The game will be coming down for an update at 8PM PT for an estimated 4 hours.

General Updates

  • There was some logic behind the scenes that would allow players to get into games that were close to starting which caused numerous issues including those players parachuting in before others and then encountering bugs such as the inability to shoot or interact with objects in the world. This scenario should no longer occur and players will instead be put into the next available lobby.
  • Mouse cursor will no longer occasionally get stuck on screen after opening and closing UI elements such as the map.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Hosts' games per week allowance to not properly reset.
  • Black and Gray Jacket can now be skinned normally.

Auto Royale Updates (Duos)

As mentioned above, Auto Royale is now available as a Duos mode as well! Hop in with a friend (or stranger), decide who's driving, and get into the action.

  • Weapon damage and loot distribution have been rebalanced for only having one shooter per vehicle instead of three.
    • Weapons do more damage to other vehicles and loot crates.
    • Players can equip more than one heavy weapon (e.g. Crossbow, LMG).
    • Weapon pickups supply one weapon and half the ammo.

Auto Royale Updates (Duos and Fours)

  • Added a guided rocket launcher (LG-IR) that can be found in the Rare (Purple) and Ultra-Rare (Gold) pickups. Rockets can be guided while in flight by aiming down sights, firing the weapon, and then moving your reticle (stay ADS to continue guiding the rocket). Rockets do high explosive damage and cause disruptions similar to land mines. The weapon has a long reload time and spawns with just five rockets - use them wisely!
  • Removed numerous small objects from the world that vehicles could get stuck on or have a hard time navigating through. Also removed the sapling trees that would stop vehicles.
  • Skill jump pickups now appear with a Star icon (instead of a weapon or supply icon) and give both weapon and supply loot in a single pickup.
  • Weapons tuning:
    • Decreased arming time of land mines from 2 seconds to 0.75 seconds.
    • Decreased crossbow damage by 15%.
    • Sniper rifle damage against players significantly increased (vehicle damage unchanged).
      • Headshots now 1-shot incapacitate.
      • Bodyshots now 2-shot incapacitate passengers leaning out of the vehicle and 3-shot incapacitate passengers inside the vehicle.
      • Helmets and body armor now provide less protection against sniper shots (but still offer a level of protection).
  • Added an Event Challenge through 10AM PT on Monday, March 26 - complete three games of Auto Royale and you'll receive the Red ARV skin!

Known Issues

  • When in Auto Royale Duos, using Ctrl + Number to switch seats will also use the corresponding item in your hotbar. While this isn't an issue for weapons, consumable items (such as oil slicks, landmines, and springs) will be used when doing this if they are on the corresponding spot.