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Game Update May 25th

Servers will be under maintenance for approximately 2 hours.

All King of the Kill servers will be coming down tomorrow (5/25) at 3:00AM Pacific (10:00 AM GMT) for approximately 2 hours. Players may note the following changes:


Patch Notes: 

  • Voice chat should now be disabled during loading screens 
  • The failed interaction audio should be more subtle 
  • Box of Destiny music should no longer be suddenly cut-off 
  • Fixed issue with ambient audio stopping after loading screen 
  • Fixed issue with AK-47 audio being loud and echoing in and around certain building types 
  • Safe Zones from Ignition should no longer appear in games of BR 
  • Vehicles should no longer randomly explode in Safe Zones 
  • General performance increase

Known issues that are in the process of being addressed: 

  • Players getting teleported after being ejected from an inverted vehicle 
  • Players randomly dying while driving a vehicle