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Game Update - 10/19

A new look and updates!

As detailed in an article last week (PLEASE READ THAT FIRST), we're ready to look our best for the H1Z1 Invitational beginning tomorrow, October 20th. The update that originally hit the test server is now ready for live so everyone can experience not just our new look, but our new name, and some additional refinements.


  • Updated Main Menu User Interface (UI)
    • NOTE: There will be ongoing polish and refinement of the Main Menu User Interface (UI) throughout future updates
  • You can now preview skins on your character in the Marketplace similar to Character Customization
  • The “Watch” section has been removed


  • Selected emotes will not update until the player enters a match.
  • The “Scrap” button can become non-functional after cancelling scrapping an Emote or Rides skin
  • Some language text in the front end menus may appear cut off
  • Occasionally, certain image assets in the front end menus will load slowly
  • Occasionally, after selecting DUOs/FIVES, the match queue will not appear in the top left corner of the screen