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Game Update - 12/13

Here's everything coming to H1Z1 on December 13th.


  • The Compass has been improved and now shows the following items.  The opacity of the items provides a hint as to how far away they are.  Your grid location has also been centered in the UI beneath the Compass.
    • Nearby points of interest
    • Nearby airdrop crates
    • The edge of the current gas ring (closest point to safety)
    • Icons for your teammates
      • This has been set to “off” by default and can be turned on in the settings menu
    • Markers you or your team have placed on the map
      • This has been set to “off” by default and can be turned on in the settings menu
  • The all-new Icebreaker Crate is in this build.

New Gun Models 

  • The Shotgun, Magnum, Hunting Rifle, and M9 all have updated models

Shotgun Magnum

Hunting Rifle M9

Gas Pacing and Damage Changes

  • Increased initial safe zone size by 10% to make it slightly easier to get to
  • Increased initial safe zone time to 2min, up from 1 min 30 sec
  • Reduced safe zone timers for phases 2-6 to 1min 15sec, down from 1 min 30 sec
  • Added 2 additional safe zones for a more gradual but more frequent match progression
  • Increased speed of gas movement for phases 2-6. The time to complete should now be 45 sec, down from 60 sec
  • Decreased gas damage for phases 6-9 to 9 damage per second, down from between 12 and 15 depending on the phase
  • Tightened up the gas center migration for phases 2 and 3, this will cause the safe zones to center on themselves slightly more to remove the RNG from safe zone progression

General Updates

  • The 1911 has been removed from the game.  All 1911 skins have been moved over to the M9.
  • Blood effects have been changed back to the classic mist effect.
  • Shoe types are now a tiered system, from starter shoes all the way up to the ultra-rare spawning tier three Conveys.  While each has a unique sound effect, they have the same footstep volume.
    • Starter Shoes (Tier 1)
      • Base run speed buff
      • Base fall damage reduction
    • Workboots (Tier 2) – Rare Spawn
      • Medium run speed buff
      • Medium fall damage reduction
    • Conveys (Tier 3) – Ultra Rare Spawn
      • Highest run speed buff
      • Highest fall damage reduction
  • Tactical and Motorcycle Helmets have been consolidated into a single category.  Now you can pick your favorite skin and it will show on your character regardless of which type of helmet you equip.
  • Adjustments made to the Steam Community Market.

Bug Fixes

  • Made improvements to the smoke grenade to make it more visually consistent for players in and out of the smoke.
  • Fixed the Eagle Tactical Helmet playing a different effect than other tactical helmets.
  • Trailer doors now render further away, preventing an scenario where a player with a hunting rifle could shoot someone who was in a closed trailer.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause AK-47s and SMGs to appear to fire indefinitely.
  • Stats screen no longer persists on the loading screen after winning a match.
  • UI now properly updates with skull payouts for tutorial challenges completed in the main menu.