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Game Update - 12/7

Here's everything coming to H1Z1 on December 7th. 

Servers will be coming offline on December 7th at 12:00pm Pacific and will remain down for approximately 5 hours. 

This patch focuses primarily on bug fixes and quality of life updates and also features Tutorial Challenges for new players.  In addition, we’ve brought back an old favorite, Shotties & Snipers, as the first of three Holiday Events that will reward a special Festive Set (more information on that soon). 

General Updates

  • Combat Zone time of day updated to be consistent with The Arena.
  • Leaving Combat Zone is now immediate (removed the 10 second timer).
  • Office buildings, residential areas, barns, trailers, and several smaller loot spots now have more balanced and consistent loot distribution.
  • Updated the Player Report tool to allow you to provide additional context and information when reporting.
  • Added Tutorial Challenges to help new players understand the basics of the game.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that could cause micro-stutter on some machines.  We’re continuing to investigate this as a top priority.
  • Discarded Daily Challenges will no longer occasionally fail to be replaced.
  • Quickly dragging and dropping items from the inventory no longer causes the icon to occasionally appear stuck. Most cases were fixed in a previous update; but found an edge-case that could still cause this to happen.
  • Fixed a rare case where shots could be missing their sound effect.
  • Chain link fence sounds are no longer heard throughout the zone.
  • Fixed a rare case where AK-47 and SMG could appear to be stuck firing indefinitely.
  • Multiple ATVs will no longer occasionally spawn in the same location.
  • Players should no longer be able to exit vehicles in order to get inside objects.
  • Players who are killed by the environment now properly transition to team spectate.
  • Hunting rifle bullets now destroy DTOs (destructible terrain objects) in two or three shots (down from ten).
  • Ambient sound effects (such as water) no longer persist to the main menu after death.
  • Toxic Cargo Pants have been updated to be more consistent with the rest of the Toxic Set.  Also fixed the icon not matching the look of the item.
  • Objective text should no longer be cut off on the Challenge Summary Screen.
  • Removed the unnecessary “Next” button from the Score End Screen.
  • World and Region has been added back into the HUD.
  • Default mouse sensitivity is now set to 25.  This will only affect new players or fresh installs and will not change settings for existing players.
  • DreamHack Bandanas will be distributed at this time.
  • Anti-cheat improvements

Known Issues

  • Occasionally, the Challenge Summary screen will be blank after completing a Tutorial Challenge.
  • In team games, automatically transitioning to Team Spectate while the Report Player window is up can cause the UI to get stuck.