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H1Z1 Is Officially Coming to China!

We're partnering with Tencent to publish H1Z1 in China.

H1Z1 is enjoyed by players and viewers around the world, so we're very excited to announce that we have partnered with Tencent, China's biggest game publisher with the largest online gaming community, to officially bring H1Z1 to China. You can view the official announce website at

This partnership will give Tencent the exclusive rights to publish H1Z1 in China. We will be working side by side with Tencent to ensure H1Z1 remains true to its spirit. Our top priority is to deliver a high-quality, competitive game that's fun to watch and play, and we will work with Tencent to make improvements to the overall optimization of the game and to build fast networks and servers for players. We will continue to invest in powerful anti-cheat technologies to maintain a fair and fun gameplay experience.

The official Chinese name for H1Z1 will be "King of Survival". More details about the live operations of the game in China will be announced in 2018. Tencent and our development team are doing incredible work and we are confident in H1Z1's future in China.


Q: Can players in China stream H1Z1 again?

A: The streaming ban is in the process of being addressed, and we are working directly with Tencent on this particular aspect. The streaming ban has already been lifted on Weibo, and we hope to have more sites whitelisted in the near future.

Q: Is there a release date for its launch in China?

A: We don't have a date to announce at this time, but we are working hard to launch H1Z1 in China and to deliver a highly polished, high-quality game at launch.

Q: Will "King of Survival" be different than "H1Z1"?

A: Working closely with Tencent, we want to create the most accessible experience possible that is respectful of cultural preferences and values. Together, we aim to create a more stable and safe environment for all players in China, while staying true to the spirit of H1Z1. More details about the live operations and features will be announced in 2018.