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Bundle Up For Greater Benefits

Get the detailed look at new crate bundles coming to H1Z1.

Tired of waiting for crates to drop in-game? Want to get your hands on the newest skins right away? Crate Bundles are coming soon to H1Z1. 

Crates will be available in bundles of 5, 10, 20, and 50. All of these bundled crates will come unlocked, so you will not need to purchase additional keys to open them. Certain crate bundles will come with a special bonus crate that guarantees a specific rarity of the items within the crate. 

Here is an example of how the unique crates may appear to you once this system is introduced: 

New Crate Bundles:

5 Crates - $17.50

10 Crates - $35.00

  • The 10 Crate Bundle includes a Bronze Crate. The Bronze Crate item is guaranteed to be, at least, an uncommon item.

20 Crates – $68.00

  • The 20 Crate Bundle includes a Bronze Crate and a Silver Crate. The Silver Crate item is guaranteed to be, at least, a rare item.

50 Crates - $169.00

  • The 50 Crate Bundle includes a Bronze, Silver, and Gold Crate. The Gold Crate is guaranteed to be a super rare item. 

Non-bundled crates that you find in game will still need keys. Accidently bought the wrong key? You will notice some changes coming to the way your crate keys work. All keys will soon be able to open all crates. In the future, there will be a Master Key that will unlock all crates, which should eliminate confusion or key purchasing mistakes.

We do not have a release date for the crate bundles or the key changes at this time, but we look forward to bringing them to you soon, so stay tuned for game update news! Thank you for your continued participation in the on-going development of H1Z1.