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A Green Dawn Rises in Battle Royale

Use Event Tickets to enter this fast-paced, early morning battle to the death!

As H1Z1 continues to grow and evolve in Early Access, we will be testing new game modes and features along the way. One of our newest additions is a game mode called Green Dawn. Green Dawn is Battle Royale with a twist. The gameplay will be faster and more frenetic than ever, plus there will be new rewards! 

Here’s how the Green Dawn game mode will work: 

  • The match begins at dawn, meaning you won’t have the full brightness of a sunny day by which to spot your enemies. Use this to your advantage.
  • The toxic fog rolls in twice as fast as it does in normal Battle Royale.  This means matches will be shorter and more action-packed.
  • First place winners will receive one of three exclusive new gun skins. If you’re skilled enough to get all three guns skins, you will start earning Mercenary crates for subsequent first place finishes.
  • Airdrop crates will also have unique skins available inside them. If you survive long enough to open an airdrop crate, you will be rewarded for your bravery.

Green Dawn will only be available for a limited time as we test and refine the gameplay. Green Dawn is expected to go live on Nov. 10th alongside a game update.

So, how do you join a Green Dawn match? Well, if you’ve been wondering what those Event Tickets are for, here’s your answer! You can jump into a Green Dawn match by using an Event Ticket. After launching the game, select Battle Royale and click the new button labeled Green Dawn. Once you’re in the game we will automatically deduct one ticket from your account inventory. If you have run out of Event Tickets and want to play more rounds of Green Dawn, you can win them in Battle Royale or purchase them from our in-game marketplace. 

You can expect to see more game modes like Green Dawn accessible with Event Tickets in the future. 

Your feedback is instrumental in shaping the direction of H1Z1. We’re anxious to hear your thoughts on Green Dawn!