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Watch the H1Z1 Invitational and Win!

Can't make it to to TwitchCon? Here's how to watch from home!

The H1Z1 Invitational at TwitchCon 2017 kicks off in just a few days, and while many of you can't make it to Long Beach, we still want you to be in on the action! From watching all the matches live to viewing real-time stats, we've updated and improved the Watch page to be your Invitational hub wherever you are. Read on to learn more about all the features of the Watch page, the full schedule for TwitchCon viewing, and of course, some juicy details on giveaways throughout this weekend!

Watch Page -

You may have seen and used the Watch page during DreamHack Atlanta, and since that time we've made some very specific improvements to the home viewing experience so it feels like you're right there in the H1Z1 Arena!

  • Tournament Overview Page - This is your guide to all matches for each of the tournaments, allowing you to view countdowns for each match, match results, and overall standings for each match within an overall tournament.
  • Watch Page - The heart, soul, and brains of the tournament site, this is where you'll spend the majority of your time. 
    • Embedded Twitch video stream and chat
    • Stream-delayed real-time statistics throughout the match
    • Displays which players are still alive, and their number of kills
    • Displays which players took down another, their placements, and what weapon was used
  • Standings Page - Each tournament will display the Top 10 players based on aggregate scoring from each match, and also the top match slayer.
  • Match Outcome Page - Every single match across each tournament will have a separate outcome page, giving you a full sortable list of who killed who, in what position, and what weapon was used.
  • Multi-Monitor Viewing - We've reconfigured the entire page to be used across anything from a single monitor to a battlestation. Play around with the visibility and pop-out methods and set up your viewing experience however you want! 


Times below subject to change.

Friday, October 20

  • 1:00 PM PT - Challengers Qualifier Matches 1-5
  • 5:30 PM PT - H1Z1 Developer Address
  • 6:30 PM PT - Tauntfest Live

Saturday, October 21

  • 11:00 AM PT - Challengers Qualifier Matches 6-7
  • 2:00 PM PT - All-Stars Invitational
  • 5:00 PM PT - Ultimate Challenge
  • 6:30 PM PT - H1Z1 Arena Pre-Party, powered by Bud Light and presenting EMX mau5trap artist, Rinzen!

Sunday, October 22

  • 11:30 AM PT - Legends Invitational
  • 3:00 PM PT - Challengers Invitational


Even if you can't make it to the H1Z1 Arena at TwitchCon, we've got a variety of ways for you to win big this weekend!

Watch and Win Skins

Be sure to tune into the H1Z1 Invitational stream, because we'll be sharing a unique link each day. When you visit the link and log in with your Daybreak account, you'll receive a special Vertigo skin. There will be a different link for a different Vertigo skin on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so you'll want to tune in each day!

Play Like the Pros

The 180hz ROG Swift PG248Q 24" monitor (with G-Sync and 1ms response time) is the official monitor for the 2017 H1Z1 Invitational, used by all the players. We'll be giving one lucky viewer a chance to get one of these for their home setup. Details coming soon, but we highly recommend following our Twitter account.


To match the Merch store that will be available in the H1Z1 Arena, Meta Threads is giving everyone at home a chance to purchase nearly every item being sold at TwitchCon online! As an added bonus, make sure you're following our Twitter, Instagram, and subreddit, as we'll be dropping some surprise merch giveaways each day. However, if you want something specific, we highly recommend you grab it from the Meta Threads online store before it sells out.

Invitational Crates

We want you to be all dressed up in your Invitational best so you can cheer on your favorite All-Stars and Legends! Stay tuned to all of our social media channels for your shot at earning an Invitational Crate.