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Ignition Gameplay 101: Hit the Ground Driving

Read on for all the tips you need to survive this explosive new game mode!

Hot and fresh out the kitchen, our new game mode Ignition has launched! Looking for tips on how to survive this all-new fast-paced explosive gameplay? We’ve got all the information you need to jump right in.

How It Works
At the start of a match, you and all your closest enemies are dropped into the map on your own ATVs. Make your way to one of the safe zones each wave before the detonation timer runs out, or else your insides will quickly become outsides.

The Devilish Details
There are 5 waves total, and the detonation timer shortens each round:

1st wave – 8 minutes
2nd wave – 6 minutes
3rd wave – 4 minutes
4th wave – 3 minutes
5th wave – 1 minute

After the detonation timer is reached each wave, the safe zone rings go into a locked state. If you step outside of the safe zone during that time, watch as your body rapidly disassembles. Waves 1-4 are locked for 30 seconds, and the 5th wave is locked for 90 seconds.

Safe Zones
Safe zones are marked on your map at the beginning of each round, and helicopters serve as the markers for safe zones in-game. The number of safe zones in each wave is dependent on the number of people left in the match – meaning fewer safe zones when the population is lower. In addition, the safe zones shrink in both number and size every wave (with the last wave having just one, pretty small safe zone).

Airdrops will occur throughout the match, and each one includes a fully-loaded OffRoader. Be sure to nab it before someone better than you does!

How To Win
Make it to each safe zone in time, taking out any other players who stand in your way. If you manage to survive all 5 waves, the last one alive gets some killer prizes.

TL;DR: Ignition. Don’t get shot. Don’t go boom.


Think you have what it takes to dominate this new game mode? Head to the Server select screen on the Live servers and choose “Ignition”!