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Producer Update for May 5th, 2016

An update from King of the Kill Producer, Chris Wynn!

Hi everyone, and thanks for taking the time to give this a read.  I appreciate having this regular touch base with you, our community, so keep the feedback coming! 


The first exciting thing to talk about is a new weekend game type going up on May 6th.  We are calling these ruleset variations Skirmishes, and they can be joined simply by selecting the Skirmish server in the server list.  This Skirmish will run every weekend (turned off during the week) through May, and, we think, they add some fun new ways to play Battle Royale.  The first ruleset going up this weekend will be a “Small Arms” ruleset.  This means no AR’s, Ak’s, shotguns, or hunting rifles, just pistols, crossbows, and bows.  Oh, and keep a look out for those airdrops, there are some new skins to collect that can only be obtained through an air drop in the Small Arms Skirmish.  Again, this will continue each weekend through May and then we will aim to set up a new Skirmish regularly after that.

Scoped Weapons

If you aim while equipped with a scoped weapon you will now be forced into a first person view looking down the scope.  This was done to balance the range and damage vs your ability to acquire targets.

Start of Matches

This one will take a couple of weeks to cascade up to the Live environment.  All players will begin a match at the same time.  It no longer will be dependent on if your game happens to load faster, then you start sooner.  Players will be held until everyone has loaded, and then begin parachuting all at the same time.

Recent Bug Fixes (that will be working their way up to the Live servers over the next few weeks)

  • Bombing run tuning so the area is not filled with bombs
  • Combat improvements, ongoing changes to hit registration, bullet patterns, and bugs
  • Accuracy when shooting while jumping has been nerfed, you will be very inaccurate if trying to fire while in the middle of a jump
  • Mouse wheel fixes for spectator modes
  • Audio improvements for weapons and bullets as well as improved balancing of the sound mix
  • Fix to the double melee bug.  Just Survive players can take note of this one as it was really detracting the Just Survive experience.