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Test Server Update - Horizontal Recoil

Test it out for yourself, now on the Test Server!

Hey everyone!

We’re happy to announce that these changes are now on the Test Server. We’ve restored Horizontal Recoil on the AR-15 and as long as you tap, it will remain perfectly flat. We also know that some people out there loved the feeling from the AR that was on Test earlier, so we moved those tunings to the AKs single fire mode. So now, regardless of preference, you can tap until your heart is content. Let’s get onto the changes.


  • The recoil model has been changed and will now feature horizontal only recoil when tapping. If a user begins to spam, vertical recoil will kick in and combat spray.
  • The bullet speed has been reduced to match the AK
  • The bullet drop has been increased to match the AK


  • The recoil model for single fire mode has been changed to match the old recoil model of the last iteration of the AR-15. It will now have a shallow V pattern when tapping, direction of kick is still random.

  • The refire and reset times have been reduced to match those of the AR-15.

  • The above changes also helped smooth out recoil in full auto mode slightly increasing the guns usefulness when that fire mode is selected.

We’re excited to see how these changes feel and get feedback from the community. With that being said, PLEASE, take the in game survey after you've given the changes a bit of time to settle and provide your feedback as we are listening and will be using that data to see how we’re doing with this update. We are planning on doing another iteration if needed for tomorrow based on the feedback from tonight.