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Hotfix 4/1

Servers will come down on 4/1 for approximately 4 hours.

Just Survive and King of the Kill servers will be coming down tomorrow (4/1) at 3:00AM Pacific for approximately 4 hours. 

There will be additional bug fixes coming for the next patch, tentatively scheduled for April 6th. Tomorrow’s hotfix will address the following issues: 

  • (KotK & JS) Fixed some camera clipping issues while using a higher FOV setting.
  • (KotK & JS) Fog density has been reduced significantly
  • (KotK & JS) Fixed mouse wheel rotation issues and general responsiveness
  • You no longer need a compass in your inventory to see your heading. Heading will always be shown.
  • Tombstone no longer explodes in Box of Destiny
  • We've added a setting in the option panel to silence proximity chat while in the Box of Destiny. Proximity chat will be available when the round begins, even with this checkbox selected
  • Vehicles have been removed from the Box of Destiny to improve the overall experience