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Top 10 Reasons to Playtest Ignition This Weekend

We need YOUR feedback to shape this new game mode!

Have you had the chance to take our new game mode Ignition for a spin yet? You and all your closest enemies are dropped into a match on ATVs, and you’re all ticking time bombs! Fight your way to the safe area before the countdown ends, or watch your insides quickly become outsides (read more of the gory details here).

Sounds killer, right? To top it all off, we’ve taken your feedback from previous playtests to make this the best version of Ignition yet!

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should jump in and playtest the updated Ignition with us this weekend:

  1. The detonation particle effect has been made more fiery and explosive
  2. Weather will be consistent now with less fog
  3. Killed players will drop all loot, whether it was starting gear or not
  4. Safe area count is now dynamic based on population (there will be fewer rings when the population is lower)
  5. The last three waves will now detonate more quickly
  6. Helicopters are now the markers for where safe areas appear
  7. The countdown timer is now displayed in minutes and seconds instead of just seconds
  8. The time of day is still the same, but it progresses more slowly (matches should end when there is still light out)
  9. Loot now spawns in containers in safe zones
  10. Airdrops will occur throughout the match (the airdrop is a fully-loaded OffRoader)

Join us in Ignition by hopping on the test server, and share your feedback with us on reddit here!