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NOW AVAILABLE: Country Hoodies!

Show some love for your homeland with these new items!

From Bangkok to Bratislava and Seoul to Sydney, you love where you live. To celebrate your passion, we've created a unique set of 22 hoodies inspired by our players around the world:

  • Australia Hoodie
  • Belgium Hoodie
  • Brazil Hoodie
  • China Hoodie
  • Czech Republic Hoodie
  • Denmark Hoodie
  • Finland Hoodie
  • France Hoodie
  • Germany Hoodie
  • Great Britain Hoodie
  • Ireland Hoodie
  • Japan Hoodie
  • Netherlands Hoodie
  • Norway Hoodie
  • Poland Hoodie
  • Russia Hoodie
  • Slovakia Hoodie
  • South Korea Hoodie
  • Sweden Hoodie
  • Switzerland Hoodie
  • Thailand Hoodie
  • USA Hoodie

Each individual hoodie is currently available in the Steam marketplace here!

Which country are you representing? Share a picture with us on Twitter, Reddit, or Discord!