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The Ultimate King of the Kill Glossary

Read on for your guide to everything in the new UI!

With a huge game update featuring the new UI slated for September 20, a host of new features are coming to King of the Kill! To help you jump right into the fray, here’s a list of some of the essential terms you might come across:

Virtual Currency


Crowns are the King of the Kill-exclusive currency as of September 20, 2016. You can purchase Crowns directly, or convert some or all of your existing Daybreak Cash into Crowns (this option will only be available through December 31, 2016). All in-game purchases in King of the Kill must be made with Crowns. You can use Crowns to purchase crates, back your Bounty, and more. Read more on the Crowns system here.

In-Game Currency


Skulls are an in-game currency that you earn only from backing your Bounty in a match. You can use the skulls you earn to continue to back your Bounty in future matches, or spend them on exclusive Rewards such as vehicle skins.


Credits are earned throughout regular gameplay and can be used to back your Bounty.


Visit the Appearance section under the Character menu to customize your look – equip your favorite gear, weapons vehicle skins, and emotes. From the Appearance menu, you can see all the skins and Rewards available in the game, view which ones you have access to, and create your unique look before jumping into a match.

The Scrapyard & Scrap

Picked up a duplicate skin, or want to refresh your look? Head to The Scrapyard from the Character menu to break down unwanted skins for Scrap. The amount of Scrap a skin will grant depends on its rarity, with higher-rarity skins granting more Scrap. Then, spend Scrap to get a random new item instead!


The Marketplace is your go-to destination to purchase Crates and Elite Skins with Crowns, or to cash out your Skulls for in-game Rewards. You can also add more Crowns to your account or redeem a promotional code in the Marketplace.


Crates give you a chance at a variety of different skins you can use on your character. There are four levels of crates - Standard, Bronze, Silver, and Gold - each of which guarantees you an item of a certain rarity level. Upon opening a Crate you’ll receive one item. Crates can be accessed and opened from the Character menu, and there are a couple different ways to get Crates:

  • Earn locked Crates randomly during gameplay which can be unlocked using Crowns
  • Earn one unlocked Crate for every five player levels you gain (see more about levels and the Experience System below)
  • Purchase unlocked Crates using Crowns directly from The Marketplace

Bounty System & Rewards

Think you’re going to perform well in a match? The Bounty System puts your Skulls where your mouth is. While you’re in Fort Destiny, you can choose to back your match performance with Crowns, Skulls, or Credits. If you perform well in the backed match, you’ll earn Skulls, which you can then use on unique Rewards. Rewards may include elite skins, vehicle skins, and more, and can be purchased with Skulls in the Marketplace.

Scoring System

Your performance in a solo match (including kills, timing of kills, and placement in the match) will determine your match score. Your overall top 10 matches are then used to determine your Total Score and secure your spot on the Leaderboard. You can view your top 10 matches as well as your score in the Stats section under the Character menu.


The Leaderboard shows you how you stack up against other players in King of the Kill and how much you need to improve to get to the next division. Your Total Score (which is comprised of your best 10 matches) will determine your place on the Leaderboard, which is tiered out (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Royalty) with five divisions per tier (I, II, III, IV, V). Improve your match scores and watch your placement on the Leaderboard rise.


Seasons will last for a certain duration and your Rewards for the Season will be based on your spot on the Leaderboards.  The first official Season won’t start until we do some additional testing. More details on this to come!

Experience System

Playing the game, along with certain actions during a match (such as kills and headshots), will earn you Experience Points (XP), which will boost your player level. Every five player levels you gain, you’ll earn one unlocked Crate.


Skirmishes are games with different rulesets that occur every weekend. Generally the Skirmish ruleset will change every month. Examples of past Skirmishes include Shotguns & Snipers Skirmish, Strongman Skirmish, Reanimation Skirmish, and Ignition.


Not quite ready to be the King? Jump into Training, where you can become familiar with the map, weapons, vehicles, and general gameplay in relative safety. During Training, you’ll respawn after death and the toxic gas never rolls in.

Fort Destiny

Nestled high in the mountains, Fort Destiny is where you’ll arrive when you first join the match. Use your time in Fort Destiny to back your Bounty, adjust your settings, or just taunt other players – it’s only a brief respite before you’re launched into The Arena.

The Arena

Once the match starts, you’ll parachute into The Arena with 149 of your closest enemies. With a 10km x 10km playable space, it’s up to you to land, gear up, and gun for the win. But be careful, as the ring of toxic gas will start to push you closer and closer together over time. Press M at any time during the match to bring up a map of The Arena and see where you’re currently located.

Have questions? Not familiar with a term or phrase not on this list? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!