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What Is Preseason 3?

Learn about updated scoring, the kill counter, and tiered rewards!

Today’s game update marks the end of Preseason 2 and the beginning of Preseason 3! With changes to scoring, the kill feed, and a brand new batch of tiered rewards, there’s a whole host of reasons to fight for the crown.

Scoring Changes

In our recent survey, players shared with us that they wanted kills to make up a significantly larger percentage of their match score in comparison to Preseasons 1 and 2. In response, we’ve made some considerable changes to the value of kills, with minor adjustments to placement score. This should result in kills being worth up to 30% of your overall score, depending on how aggressively you play.

With new scores come new score thresholds, so here’s the breakdown for each tier:


Preseason 3 Threshold

Preseason 2 Threshold



















Kill Feed Updates

We’ve implemented some new functionality for the Kill Feed, including how we communicate current number of kills and how much the next kill will be worth. For those who are curious, scores for both kills and placement are calculated based on a logarithmic curve, granting an increasing number of points as the match progresses. Not only will players now be able to see their current match kills with the Kill Counter in the top left corner, but they will also be able to see how many points they stand to earn from a kill given the current state of the match.

Additionally, players who have completed at least 10 matches in Solo mode will see their Tier displayed in the Kill Feed, allowing them to show off their skill to everyone else in the game! This is called your Kill Feed Badge.

Note: The Kill Feed Badge shows your current season’s Tier (Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.) and will need to be re-earned with each new season by completing at least 10 matches in Solo mode.

Web Leaderboard Updates

We’ve added a new stat and new sharing features to the Web Leaderboards! You’ll notice the addition of your Top 10 Finish Rate, which is the percentage of all matches you played where you finished in a Top 10 position. You can also now link directly to any specific player or view on the Web Leaderboards – just filter the view you want and share the link, or select a specific player and choose one of the “Share” options in the lower right hand corner. Let Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit know you’re gunning for Royalty!


Players who finish at least 10 matches in Solo mode during Preseason 3 will receive an emote afterwards that shows off their Tier with a custom animation. The emote will be different for each Tier and will be based on your placement at the end of Preseason 3, so try to place as well as you can to earn the best emote!

Royalty Emote

Note: Players will receive the emote for the Tier in which they finish Preseason 3, as well as all of the emotes for the Tiers beneath that. That means that if a player finishes in Platinum, they will receive the Platinum-specific emote at the end of Preseason 3, as well as the Gold, Silver, and Bronze-specific emotes (but not any emotes above Platinum).

What Tier are you aiming for in Preseason 3? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Discord!