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Battle Royale: Skirmish Weekend!

Read more about this new ruleset variation, available for a limited time!

Ever wondered what Battle Royale would be like with only shotguns and hunting rifles?

No?! Then stop reading!

If you got this far, great news – we’re hosting a band new Skirmish Weekend for the month of June! What does that mean? We’re flattered you asked – it means that every Friday through Monday this month, you’ll have access to play an alternate version of Battle Royale that only has certain types of weapons.

The June Skirmish Weekends have no AK47s, AR15s, pistols, or bows – that means you’re left to fend for yourself with just shotguns and hunting rifles. To get in on this mayhem, head to the Server Select screen on the Live servers and choose “Skirmish”.

To sweeten the deal, we’ve added a few items that can only be picked up during a Skirmish session:


 Yellow Star ArmorGreen Forest Farmer JacketPink/Teal ArmorRed Plaid Farmer Jacket


You will be granted a Skirmish loot bag similar to the way crates are dropped. Inside it you will find one of these exclusive skins.