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Gameplay 101

Here are the gritty details about the new Solo gameplay experience in King of the Kill.

Welcome to King of the Kill.

You’ve been around for a while, you say? That may be true, but there have been some BIG changes to the Solo experience in the game, and you’re going to want some pointers to help you navigate them. And if you’re new around here, well, welcome! This will help you get started.


You’ll begin in the new Fort Destiny, an abandoned military camp and helipad. Explore the area and use this time to back your performance using the Bounty System, if you want. This is your moment of reprieve before you’re sent out to fight for your life. There will be a quick warning across the top of your screen letting you know when the match is set to begin.

At the start of a match, you’ll parachute in to The Arena with no gear, no weapons, and up to 149 other players. Once you land, you’ll have to search and loot your way through your surroundings to get armed and go. From this moment on, it’s kill or be killed. And remember, it’s not just other players who are out to kill you. You’ll need to keep an eye on the Safe Zone on your map, because once the toxic gas rolls in, you risk choking to death!

Your mission is simple: get kills, and don’t get killed. The last one standing is crowned, and then the whole battle begins again.

Here are some of the basics of gameplay you’ll want to be familiar with:


Consider this your “staging area” before a match. You can throw a few punches, but you won’t actually be doing any damage. This is also a good spot to practice with the controls such as moving around (WASD), looking around (mouse), attacking other (left mouse click), and more. Take this time to get an idea for the basics in your inventory, in addition open up your Options menu and change any key bindings to meet your personal preferences.

Fort Destiny is also the only place you’ll be able to back your performance in the new Bounty System. For more on the Bounty System, visit this article.


From your view in the sky as you parachute in, take a look around The Arena. Things are not where they were previously! Keep an eye out for areas you think might have loot waiting for you, like old buildings or campsites. Once you’re on the ground, you can click “M” to pull up the map in order to acquaint yourself in the full Arena and locate other points of interest.

The square coordinates where you are in the Arena will be highlighted on the map with a bright red square. The safe zone will be marked with a bright green circle. You want your red square to be inside that green circle! If not…


On the right side of the screen, you’ll notice a countdown timer letting you know when the Toxic Gas will be released. As previously mentioned, other players aren’t the only danger in The Arena! When the Toxic Gas rolls through, you’ll need to move into the safe zone marked on your map. If you don’t, you’ll begin to build up toxicity, which will damage your health and will impact how quickly you’re able to heal outside the gas (if you get out, of course). If you’re stuck in the gas for too long, unable to make it to the safe zone, it will kill you and you’ll be out of the match.


One surefire way to get yourself away from the Toxic Gas is by getting yourself into a vehicle. You’ll notice off-roaders, police cars, trucks, and ATVs are all able to be entered and driven, but keep your eye on the gas gauge! Run out of gas and you run out of luck.


Now, it’s not likely you’re gonna take someone out with your bare hand. It’s possible, sure, but you’re going to want to pick up some actual weapons – and fast. And don’t forget the ammunition! As you venture through The Arena, you’ll find a variety of weapons including knives, axes, bows, and a range of grenades and guns. Handguns – like the M9 or the .44 Magnum – are good in close-quarter duels, but if you’re trying to take out someone as they run across a field and you crouch behind a rock, you’ll need an AK-47 or other type of rifle.


Now, just because you’re injured (by the gas or by another player), there is a way to restore your strength. You can use bandages or med kits to stop bleeding and regain health before heading in to another scuffle. Out of bandages? Look for clothes – including the ones on your back – to shred, which you can then craft into more bandages. If the wounds are serious, though, you’ll want to find a med kit or your injuries could kill you.


Don’t die until every other player is dead. Simple as that.


You now have a Player Level in King of the Kill. By playing the game, and by completing certain actions during a match (such as getting kills or landing a headshot) will earn you Experience Points (XP), which will boost your Player Level. For every five player levels you gain, you’ll earn one unlocked Crate.

No matter where you finish a match in Solo King of the Kill, from 150th place to 1st place, you’ll receive a score. The score is determined by a number of factors from the match you just completed, including amount of kills, the timing of kills, and your final placement in the match.

Your top ten scores from all matches played will contribute to your overall score that places you on the new tiered leaderboard system. For more on that system, read this article.


If you’ve been playing King of the Kill for a while, you’ll notice some significant changes to the User Interface (UI). You’ll want to hop into game to check out all of them, but here are a few we wanted to call out for you ahead of time:


When you first log in after the September 20, 2016 game update, your game will be reset to new Default Settings. Since all graphics have been revamped and rebalanced, the update reset all the default options. If you would like custom options, you can now adjust these directly in the Settings in game.


Once you load up King of the Kill, you’ll click the “Enter Game” button. But this does not drop you directly into a queue or Fort Destiny. Instead, you’ll be taken to a new menu where you have different options for where to go next:

  • PLAY – this is where you can select which game type you’d like to enter (Solo, Duos, Fives) or if you want to join an Event or Skirmish when they’re available. This is also where you can access the new Training mode.
  • CHARACTER – from here, you can choose between Appearance (to customize your look and model items you may not yet have), Crates (to view your Locked and Unlocked Crates), and Stats (your Season Leaderboard and Top 10 Matches).
  • MARKETPLACE – there are a number of options in here, including the new method for opening crates and the location to purchase Crowns. You will also find the Rewards section here, where you can spend Skulls that you earn from the Bounty System .
  • TWITCH – The Twitch tab allows you to link your Twitch account to King of the Kill, seek out others who are currently streaming, and adjust your streamer settings.
  • SETTINGS – Make sure your game is set up exactly as you like it. In the Settings tab, you can adjust graphics, audio, keybindings, and more.

Still not sure exactly what to do in a Solo match of King of the Kill? Head to Training, a new mode with respawn available so you can practice before heading into a real match.

Have questions or comments about the latest changes? Find us on Reddit, Discord, and Twitter!