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Streamlined Login – Get to the Fort Faster!

With no more Launchpad, here’s how to adjust settings and get help. 

Today’s update streamlines the process of logging into H1Z1 via Steam by removing the Launchpad. The H1Z1 Launchpad served a variety of functions previously, so here’s where to go now for account access and assistance:

Contact Support

Head over to to search for the issue you’re currently having. Once you search for an issue, you’ll be able to create a support ticket for further assistance. You can log into the help portal using your existing Daybreak account credentials, or by using your Steam information. For additional assistance, view this help article.

Sign Up for H1Z1 Emails

If you haven’t already provided us with your email address, launch H1Z1 and select “Settings” and then “Account Email” to get news, updates, and special offers. You can also manage your email preferences by logging in at (top right corner) and selecting “Account Management” from the welcome dropdown. If you previously had a Daybreak account, you can use those credentials to log in – if not, you can log in using your Steam information.

Change Game Client Language

Right click on H1Z1 in Steam, then select “Properties”. Under the “Language” tab you’ll be able to select a supported language. Launch the game and the language change will go into effect. For additional assistance, view this help article.

Select a Different Play Account

If you have multiple accounts that you played H1Z1 on previously, you’ll just need to ensure that you’re logged into the correct corresponding Steam account before launching the game.

Check Server Status

Click here to view the current status of each of the H1Z1 servers.

Open Game Directory

If you need to access game files for any reason, right click on H1Z1 on Steam and then select “Properties”. Under the “Local Files” tab you can select “Browse Local Files…”.

Validate Game Assets

Verifying game files often helps to resolve minor issues, including those sometimes seen after an update. Before opening a support ticket, we recommend verifying files and relaunching the game to see whether that cleared things up. To do so, right click on H1Z1 in Steam and then select “Properties”. Under the “Local Files” tab you can select “Verify Integrity Of Game Files…” (keep in mind that sometimes the verification process takes a short while). For additional assistance, view this help article.

See Specific Error Messages

All error messages will now be displayed in-game vs. the Launchpad or linking out to a website. Here’s what each error code means and how they can be resolved.

View H1Z1 News

You can keep up with all the latest H1Z1 news and updates in a variety of ways:

Website: (Check out “News” under the “Community” tab)
Steam News: