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Win a Match, Get Rewarded!

Earn the new Victory Crate for winning and Skull rewards for placement!

Playing H1Z1 just got even more rewarding - you can now earn the NEW Victory Crate for winning and Skull rewards for placing well in different match types! Read on below to see how you can earn exclusive new skins through gameplay, leveling up, and the Skull Store.

How To Get Victory Crates

There are a few ways to get your hands on the Victory Crate:

  • Winning a match of Solos, Duos, Fives, or Auto Royale will reward 1 Victory Crate
  • After you reach Level 10, each subsequent Level will reward 2 Victory Crates
  • Victory Crates can be purchased from the Skull Store for 7,500 Skulls each
  • Completing the Tutorial Challenges will reward 2 Victory Crates

All Victory Crates come already unlocked and ready to open!

What's Inside

The Victory Crate contains an all-new slew of untradable and unmarketable items. With over 75 never-before-seen skins, here are just a few to look forward to:

 Purple ATV  Camo Pickup Truck  Tiger Blood AK-47  Toxic Scarecrow Mask
Purple ATV (Common) Camo Pickup Truck (Uncommon) Tiger Blood AK-47 (Rare) Toxic Scarecrow Mask (Ultra Rare)


As mentioned, while you can’t trade or market the items out of the Victory Crate, you will be able to scrap them for the usual amounts based on their rarity level. The items in the Victory Crate may change over time (did somebody say animated weapons?), so keep an eye out as we make additional announcements.

Skull Rewards

Don't quite make it to 1st place? You'll still earn a certain number of Skulls depending on your placement and the match type:

Placement Solos Duos Fives Auto Royale
1st Victory Crate Victory Crate Victory Crate Victory Crate
2nd 150 Skulls 150 Skulls 100 Skulls 100 Skulls
3rd - 10th 75 Skulls 50 Skulls 50 Skulls 50 Skulls
11th - 25th 50 Skulls 25 Skulls    
26th - 50th 25 Skulls      


What did you score out of your first Victory Crate? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!