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The Outland Expansion is Almost Here, Time to Find New Ways to Win!

The H1Z1 Outland Expansion is almost upon us, and that means some impressive new hardware, and a few killer vehicles to get after your opponents. A new map means discovering fresh ways to get those sweet, sweet kill shots, so let’s take a look at the tools you'll be adding to your arsenal when Outland drops next Thursday, August 1.


Meet the Untamed, the devilishly fast, stylish, and and powerful sibiling to the Torque. Both muscle car variants are fast on flat ground, with moderate acceleration up inclines.


Return to the classics with this fast, stable vehicle. Who needs talk, with a Torque this good?


This small, two-seater vehicle offers a sturdier alternative to the ATV. It'll allow you to navigate quickly on hills and through tight spaces - but be careful, you're completely exposed!


This luxury sports car was teased last season in Arcade, and now makes its full debut across all game modes. Fast, sexy, but easily destructible, the Racer accelerates more quickly than any other vehicle in H1Z1!

How about a pair of new guns to throw around all the hot lead you can handle!


This beast represents the modern automatic rifle with exceptional precision, stability, and rate of fire. Available as a rare drop in purple crates, the Heavy Assault is more powerful than the KH, but has a slower rate of fire. It’s time to lock and load, kids.  


A stable, high mobility automatic rifle with a high rate of fire. Available as a lootable common drop, the Commando offers more pop than the AR at close to mid range, but can’t quite match its accuracy at range. Shotgun rushers, beware!

How do you plan to dominate in Outland? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or the official forums!