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PC Arcade Mode: Scavenger Hunt

Plus, get a deal on Apocalypse Crates or pick up the Patriotic Shotgun!

All PC Live servers will be coming offline at 9AM PDT on Thursday, July 5 for an estimated 4 hour downtime to bring you a NEW Arcade mode and more - check out all the details below.

Arcade Mode: Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt Scavenger Skull Helmet
  Scavenger Skull Helmet


Many battles have been fought across Pleasant Valley, and many brave souls have met their demise during their fight for victory. As a tribute to those that came before you, you will find two types of skulls across the map, each offering their own challenge and reward:

Wasteland Skull (Easy)

Found more abundantly around the map, find and collect 50 of these skulls before the end of the Hunt. However, these Wasteland Skulls are still in limited supply each match, so keep your eyes open as you scavenge for gear. Collecting 50 of these skulls (your progress carries between matches) will get you 3 Silver Victory Crates.

Skull of the King (Hard)

This skull, from the very first H1Z1 winner, is far more rare - only 1 per match can be found randomly on the map. The Skull of the King is haunted, and the golden energy it emits can be both seen and heard. Locate this skull, acquire it, and WIN a match while you possess it to unlock the elusive Scavenger Skull Helmet. The Skull of the King can also be looted off others, and any lootbag with it will be clearly seen to contain it. Find it or kill for it, the goal is the same - possess it and win!

Arcade mode matches must begin with 30 or more players in order to count towards this Challenge. Scavenger Hunt will only be available in Arcade mode until Tuesday, July 10, so be sure to earn your Helmet before the Hunt ends!

One Time Offer - Apocalypse Crate Sale

Apocalypse Crate Sale

For a few hours only, we're offering a special deal on 5x Apocalypse Crates for 60% off - you'll see this offer directly in the Message of the Day. Act fast though, as this deal is only available until 11:59PM PDT on Friday, July 6! This offer can only be redeemed once per account.

Patriotic Shotgun

Patriotic Shotgun

To cap off a star-spangled week, you can grab the Patriotic Shotgun directly from the Message of the Day between 10AM PDT on Friday, July 6 and 11:59PM PDT on Sunday, July 8.