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PC Game Update: June 6

Bringing the end of Season One, weapon lock, and more!

Game Update June 6

Today's update for H1Z1 on PC marks the end of Season One! Read on for more details on what's included in this patch:

  • Season One has now ended, and the off-season has begun. Season leaderboards and Top 10 scores will be locked, and matches will not be ranked during the off-season. Season Two is slated to kick off in July - stay tuned for more details on scoring changes as we get closer to the end of the off-season.
    • The reward grant for Season One will happen later this week, as we're confirming that players will be granted their items based on highest tier achieved.
  • While in Solos, Duos, and Fives matches, weapons will be locked for players whose ping or packet loss exceeds acceptable thresholds. This does not impact Arcade mode, Combat Training, or Hosted Games.
    • In regions where 150ms is the ping restriction, weapons will lock at 187ms.
    • In regions where 200ms is the ping restriction, weapons will lock at 248ms.
  • When spectating teammates, you can now open the map and are shown the gas timer and information. 
  • When the gas ring is showing in Spawn Selection in Fort Destiny, it will also show as soon as the game begins.
  • Preparation for this weekend's Arcade mode ruleset, Bullseye (featuring scoped weapons only).