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A Haunting H1Z1 Holiday!

Get your FREE Hauntfest Event Pass and earn new ghoulish goodies.

With Season 1 of the Battle Pass wrapped up and Season 2 kicking off in early November, there's a special FREE spooky surprise waiting for you in the meantime! On October 23, H1Z1 on PS4 will be updated to bring you a limited-time FREE Hauntfest Event Pass, a new Arcade Mode with rewards, and new skins you can earn or purchase.

Hauntfest Event Pass

The limited-time Hauntfest Event Pass will be available and FREE for all players between October 23 and November 6! You'll automatically unlock it just by logging in, and you can increase your Hauntfest Event Pass tier through the usual methods - by completing Challenges or increasing your Season Level.

Each tier of the Hauntfest Event Pass grants you Treat Crates, which can contain a variety of ghoulish goodies.

Treat Crates

No tricks here, only treats! Each Treat Crate can contain Hauntfest Event Pass Medals, Credits, or the brand new Dead Man's Chest, which is filled with spooky skins. Here are all the different ways you can score Treat Crates during the Hauntfest Event Pass:

  • Tier up your FREE Hauntfest Event Pass
  • Increase your Season Level
  • Complete your Challenges
  • Find them randomly around the world in the NEW limited-time Arcade Mode, Hauntfest (you'll want to go for those airdrops!)

Arcade Mode: Hauntfest


Ready for a sugar rush? For a limited time, a new ruleset is available in Arcade Mode: Hauntfest! Hauntfest is a Solo mode, and each match takes place during the evening. Look for piles of candy hiding in plain sight - picking up and eating them will greatly increase your running speed, and give you a bit of health regeneration to boot. Watch out though, as sugar rush can also cause tunnel vision!

Plus, you'll also find Treat Crates during Hauntfest matches - you'll want to hunt down those airdrops for your best shot at Hauntfest Event Pass Medals, Credits, and the new Dead Man's Chest.

Dead Man's Chest

Dead Man's Chest

Filled to the brim with ghoulish get-ups, the new Dead Man's Chest will make sure you haunt your enemies! There are a few key ways that the Dead Man's Chest is different from previous Crates:

  • All Common tier items inside the Dead Man's Chest are no-dupe - this means that when you open a Dead Man's Chest and it's a Common item, you won't receive the same item again until you've unlocked all the other Common items inside.
  • Collect all 10 Tactical Masks and you'll automatically unlock an added bonus - the full Green Bone set! This set contains the Green Bone Skull Mask, Hoodie, Work Boots, Baggy Pants, Body Armor, and Magnum.

As mentioned above, each Treat Crate you earn gives you a chance at receiving a Dead Man's Chest. The new Dead Man's Chest can also be purchased directly in-game if you're looking for more chances at the Green Bone set!

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