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PS4 Open Beta Launch Schedule + FAQ

Find out when you can download and play H1Z1 on PS4!

H1Z1 is launching in Open Beta on PlayStation 4 on Tuesday, May 22, and we're so excited for everyone to join in on the battle royale action! Read on below for all the details you'll need to be ready to jump right into The Arena. 

Launch Schedule

In preparation for Tuesday's Open Beta launch on PS4, all H1Z1 PS4 servers will lock at the conclusion of the 6-8PM PDT playtest on Sunday, May 20. Starting at midnight (12AM) on May 22 in your region's local time, you will be able to pre-download H1Z1 from the PlayStation Store. All H1Z1 PS4 servers will unlock for play around the world at 9AM PDT on Tuesday, May 22 (convert this to your local time).


Do I need a key to access Open Beta?
No key required! H1Z1 will be free to play on PlayStation 4 (with optional purchases available).

Will there be a wipe between Closed Beta and Open Beta?
Yes, all character progress and levels will be reset between Closed and Open Beta.

What modes will be available during Open Beta?
Combat Training, Solos, Duos, and Fives will all be available to play starting with Open Beta launch on Tuesday, May 22.

Are there scheduled/set times for Open Beta play like there were during Closed Beta?
Nope! All servers and modes will be unlocked for play all day starting with Open Beta (with the exception of any maintenance or updates).

Can I play with my PC friends/will my PC items transfer over?
H1Z1 on PS4 was built specifically with console in mind and has some unique differences from the PC version, so cross-play and item transfers are not supported.

Can I play with a mouse and keyboard on PS4?
Mouse and keyboard are not supported during gameplay (you can use them to type in text fields when prompted).

Do I need PlayStation Plus in order to play online?
Nope! PS Plus is not required in order to play online.

I need help with my account/items/other issues!
Please reach out to our team directly at if you encounter any issues so they can assist you further.

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