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PS4 Patch: September 20 (Version 1.42)

Featuring the new Fumigator Collection & updated Victory Crate items.

All PS4 servers will be coming offline at 3PM PDT on Thursday, September 20 for an estimated 2-hour maintenance to bring you the latest patch.

Shotties & Snipers

Shotties & Snipers

Shotties & Snipers is back in Arcade Mode for the weekend! Plus, there's a NEW limited-time matching Challenge: get 5 kills in Shotties & Snipers and you'll earn 10 Battle Pass Medals.

To play Shotties & Snipers, select the "Arcade" option from the Play menu. Shotties & Snipers will be available at the below times in each region:

  • NA Shotties & Snipers:
    • 10AM PDT on Friday, September 21 through 10AM PDT on Monday, September 24
    • 10AM PDT on Friday, September 28 through 10AM PDT on Monday, October 1
  • EU Shotties & Snipers:
    • 7PM CEST on Friday, September 21 through 7PM CEST on Monday, September 24
    • 7PM CEST on Friday, September 28 through 7PM CEST on Monday, October 1

Fumigator Collection

Fumigator Collection

There's a new type of Crate available that's guaranteed to put a smile (or at least a stylish fumigator mask) on your face! The Fumigator Collection contains 10 helmets that match existing community favorite skins (such as Rasta, Anarchy, and Toxic) while providing a unique new look. This Collection has a few key similarities and important differences from standard Crates:

  • Like a standard Crate, you will receive one item at random for each Crate you open
  • Unlike a standard Crate, the Fumigator Collection is guaranteed to never grant a duplicate
  • If you get lucky and open a Crate containing the Legendary Rasta Fumigator Mask (a jackpot roll), you'll automatically be granted ALL of the helmets
  • If luck isn't on your side, don't worry - you're guaranteed to get all 10 helmets if you open 9 of these Crates

Individual Fumigator Collection Crates are available for 400 Crowns each in the Buy Crates menu, and a 9-pack guaranteeing all 10 helmets is available for 3000 Crowns (saving 600 Crowns vs. buying them individually).


  • Added 7 new items to the Victory Crate:
    • Blue Schematic AK-47 (Rare)
    • Green Starred Armor (Uncommon)
    • Lime Smiley Motorcycle Helmet (Uncommon)
    • Triage Puffy Jacket (Uncommon)
    • Turquoise Wave Parachute (Uncommon)
    • Gray and Yellow Backpack (Common)
    • Snakeskin Wrestling Tights (Common)
  • You'll now receive a notification when downing an opposing player.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the character to not fully render.
  • Magnums no longer one-shot a player through helmets when using hipfire.
  • Credits should now be updated properly in the UI when scrapping duplicates.
  • RPG-7 rockets no longer render in and out when previewed in Customization.
  • Cleaned up character animations when shooting your last rocket and aiming down sights.
  • Cleaned up character animations when taking damage from gas grenades.
  • Fixed several minor user interface issues.