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First Look: Third Person ADS

Lets Talk Perspective.

With Season 3 of H1Z1 on PS4 well underway, our team has shifted their focus to developing new content for our next major game update in May. Along with weapons balance changes, new rewards, new challenges, more bug fixes and other quality of life improvements, we’re also planning to introduce a major community-requested feature to PS4: third-person ADS.


Since H1Z1 on PS4 launched last Summer, the primary control scheme has allowed players to hipfire in third person, allowing for quicker, more intuitive combat while firing on the move. That perspective automatically shifts to first person when aiming down sight to provide players more precision. That was an intentional design choice we made to bring H1Z1 more in-line with familiar console shooter control schemes, as opposed to a control scheme that would feel unfamiliar to console players.

However, adding a third person ADS option that allowed players more awareness of their surroundings while aiming down sight has always been an active discussion, internally and among our community, provided we can implement it without compromising fair play and introducing new exploits.   

We’re just moving into actively testing this new feature in H1Z1 on PS4, and because this is such a fundamental change to a core gameplay system (combat), we’ll be releasing it initially as a limited time, unranked Solos Arcade Mode for you to try out. After evaluating community sentiment and the effects it has on gameplay, we’ll look at incorporating Third Person ADS options into other game modes. 

How do you feel about adding third person ADS to H1Z1 on PS4?  Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or our official forums!