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Recoil Changes On Test

Here is a more detailed look at the changes coming to Test.

We are implementing our new system onto the Test server that moves away from a strict Cone of Fire while you are aiming down sights (ADS). Although the concept may appear simple, there are some nuances to the new mechanics that you should be aware of. Mastering these will give you a huge leg up on the competition. 

The Live servers currently use a shooting mechanism that relies on Cone of Fire expansion, which adds some randomness to each shot per successive shot fired, as the primary means of controlling how many shots per second the player can fire accurately. This mechanism secondarily uses recoil and an expanding reticle as a way to reinforce that the player’s weapon loses accuracy when firing too rapidly. The challenge in maintaining accuracy and a good rate of fire focuses on learning the timing of each gun. That is, how rapidly each gun can be fired with an expectation that shots will actually land on target. 

While easy to learn, the only way the player can counteract inaccuracy during rapid fire is by holding their fire when they deem their shots start to become too inaccurate. In order to give the player another way to counteract inaccuracy during rapid fire, the ADS shooting mechanic will soon change to rely primarily on recoil to add an accuracy penalty during rapid fire in aim mode only. “Hipfire” will maintain the shooting mechanism that is currently on live. 

With the adjustments coming to the ADS shooting mechanic, the player will be able to try to compensate for the recoil of their weapon during rapid fire. If recoil grows to a point of being completely uncontrollable, a Cone of Fire expansion kicks in as well to prevent the screen from shaking too violently. Each weapon will still reset to its base accuracy and return to the center point if the player stops shooting, as it does on Live now. Maintaining rate of fire and accuracy now tests the player in both timing and recoil compensation, where before the player only had to learn timing. 

The new recoil mechanism uses characteristic recoil behaviors per gun with variation built into them. While these are not perfectly fixed recoil patterns, the player will observe that some guns have more consistent behaviors in recoil than others. For example, the AK-47 has a vertical climb which gets more severe the longer its trigger is held down with an unpredictable amount of left and right recoil. The Hellfire, however, pulls hard left, then hard right, while its climb becomes gradually more manageable as the player shoots through their magazine. With both guns, the reticle will never jump to the exact same place each burst, as you can see in the video below. 


Many of these changes have come based on suggestions and feedback from you, the players. It’s important to us that as we progress through Early Access that we work alongside our players and fans of the game. We hope you will enjoy these changes and continue to provide feedback as the game continues to evolve and grow.