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Revive Comes to Arcade Mode with Weekend Rewards!

Play Revive Fives in Arcade Mode and pick up new items from challenges, the Skull Store, and more!

Grab your 4 best friends (or 4 strangers, we won't judge) and hop into Arcade mode this weekend to check out a brand new mechanic - revive! There are rewards waiting for you on below for all the details.

Arcade Mode - Revive Fives!

Revive Fives

This weekend, a brand new ruleset comes to the unranked Arcade mode - Revive Fives! These matches are just like Fives games with one big difference - a revive system has been enabled so you can pick back up your incapacitated teammates. If you're a fan of two-tapping your victims, not to worry - a headshot is still a kill (there's no coming back from that one!)

Revive Fives will be available in Arcade mode starting at 10AM PT on Friday, May 11.

Weekend Rewards

Event Challenge

Looking to grab something out of the Skull Store, like the NEW Triage Puffy Jacket? From 10AM PT on Friday, May 11 through 10AM PT on Monday, May 14, just get 5 Top 25 finishes in Arcade mode to earn yourself 5,000 Skulls. Remember though - you must PERSONALLY place in the Top 25 players (not just your team's placement) in order for it to count!

Revive T-Shirt

Revive T-Shirt

To celebrate Revive Fives in Arcade mode, you can also pick up the Revive T-Shirt this weekend! To earn it, simply be on a team that wins an Arcade mode match with the Revive Fives ruleset between 10AM PT on Friday, May 11 and 10AM PT on Monday, May 14. Matches must start with over 30 players in order for them to count, and the Revive T-Shirt will be granted directly to all players who earn it by the end of next week.

Skull Store

Triage Puffy Jacket

Triage Puffy Jacket

Don't get blue when your teammates are hurt - pick up the NEW Triage Puffy Jacket from the Skull Store, available now for 25,000 Skulls!

Sale Items

Transfusion AR-15

Transfusion AR-15

Become a blood donor with the NEW Transfusion AR-15, available now from the Message of the Day! Get to this item stat, as this offer is only available through 9AM PT on Friday, May 11.

Be Positive Scrubs Outfit

Be Positive Scrubs Outfit

Nurse your teammates back to health with the NEW Be Positive Scrubs Outfit, available this weekend only! This heart-pounding set includes the Triage Tactical Helmet, the Be Positive Face Bandana, the Be Positive Scrubs Shirt, and the Be Positive Scrubs Pants. Grab it from the Message of the Day before this offer ends at 10AM PT on Monday, May 14.