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Road To Royalty

Fighting to get to Royalty? Check out some tips from top players!

Pre-Season 1 is all wrapped up, so we looked to the leaderboards to find some of the competitors that fought their way to the very top. We spoke with four players that made names for themselves in Royalty I in a brutal and bloody Pre-Season. Read on to learn more about these top players and for advice on how you too can make it to Royalty in Pre-Season 2.

The Players:

CrunchBruh  StayLifted  Vsnz  Smokeyz76
CrunchBruh StayLifted Vsnz Smokeyz76

What’s the story behind your name?

CrunchBruh -  Crunching heads, bruh!

StayLifted - It's a phrase one of my friends came up with in high school, it relates to a state of euphoria.

Vsnz - My name originally came from playing Counter-Strike in the early 2000s. When my friends would watch me play they would always ask "Whoa Sean, how did you see him?" so I got the name Visions. A couple of years later when I started to watch the pro scene I saw the name Brian "DKT" (destrukt) Flander, that is where I got the idea to modify my name to "Vsnz."

Smokeyz76 - My name came from the movie Friday with Ice Cube and Chris Tucker. Smokeyz was Chris Tucker’s character, who was crazy and very funny, and I could identify with him.

In five words or less, describe your playstyle.  

CrunchBruh - Aggressive- kill everyone.


Vsnz - Entertainment, Fearless, Initiator, Consistent, Playmaker

Smokeyz76 - Aggressive, tactical, smart

What is your must-have peripheral?

CrunchBruh - Mousepad.

StayLifted - My must-have peripheral is my mouse, no doubt. I'm currently using a Razer Deathadder Chroma.

Vsnz - My must-have peripheral would have to be my Zowie Ec2-A.

Smokeyz76 - For me my must-have peripheral is my mouse, I’ve got a SteelSeries Rival 300!

What is your favorite reticle?

CrunchBruh - #22, default dot.

StayLifted - Pink dot #22.

Vsnz -  #22 white dot.

Smokeyz76 - My favorite reticle is #22, the second dot.

What’s the first thing you look for when you’re parachuting into a match?

CrunchBruh - Cop car or people.

StayLifted - The first thing I look for is a vehicle. Preferably a cop car, but if I can't find one I look for any type of wheels.

Vsnz - A vehicle, 100%.

Smokeyz76 - The first thing I'm looking for when I'm parachuting is a car so I can get some kills faster!

About how many matches did it take you to reach Royalty I?

CrunchBruh - About 70 matches

StayLifted - I would estimate about 25-50 matches. The first person to reach 10 wins would be the first to reach Royalty I, so in the beginning of the pre-season it was a race to 10 wins. It took me a little longer than others, but once I filled my top 10 with 10 wins I was placed at the top of the board.

Vsnz - About 50

Smokeyz76 - It took me about 100 games to reach Royalty I.

Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions?

CrunchBruh - I play a Counter-Strike pistol death match and go for headshots.

StayLifted - I just try to stay relaxed and keep my nerves calm.

Vsnz - I like to take long walks to the Refrigerator. Kappa.... I like to walk or go for a jog to clear my mind and just keep me relaxed.

Smokeyz76 - I don't do it every game, but I like to just relax and high five my girlfriend!

What’s your best advice for anyone trying to get to Royalty I?

CrunchBruh - Two-tap anyone you see, craft makeshifts.

StayLifted -  My advice for anyone trying to achieve Royalty I would be to get into as many gun fights as possible. The point is to practice aiming and learn the gun mechanics so don't get discouraged when you die. Once you have your aim down pact you can start getting high kill games. High kill games = High score games = Royalty. Practice makes perfect.

Vsnz - My advice to get to Royalty I is to have game sense... know where and when to take a fight so you don't get disadvantaged.

Smokeyz76 - The best way to become royalty I is to practice a lot, improve your skills and win matches with the most kills you can!


With this advice from top players and Pre-Season 2 on its way, it’s time for you to get out in the Arena and start on your very own Road to Royalty!