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Battle Pass Season 3: First Look

Grab your premium battle pass and unlock 100 new reward tiers, including 4 full outfits, new reward types, and up to 1290 Crowns!

The H1Z1 Battle Pass makes its glorious return in Season 3 with 100 tiers of all-new rewards to unlock! New this season: 

  • 4 Complete Outfits (pictured below: Vandal, Warden, La Poliziotta, and Heist)
  • New Reward Types (unique profile Icons, Backgrounds, and Frames)
  • New Weapon, Vehicle, and Clothing Cosmetics
  • New Money Emote

As with previous seasons, there are both Free and Premium lines of the Battle Pass that you'll automatically unlock upon logging in. AND for the first time, you can unlock up to 1290 Crowns just by completing your entire Battle Pass (more than the cost of Premium!). Here are all the ways you can grab your Premium Battle Pass in-game:

Premium Battle Pass (1000 Crowns)
Premium Battle Pass PLUS 30 Tiers Unlocked (5500 Crowns 4400 Crowns - Save 20%!)
Premium Battle Pass PLUS ALL 100 Tiers Unlocked (16000 Crowns 9600 Crowns - Save 40%!)

Will you embody the ultimate agent of chaos in the Heist set, or choose to enforce law and order as La Poliziotta? Unlock all 100 tiers starting on February 21, 2019.


Along with the new Battle Pass, Season 3 also introduces a brand new reward type: Master's Coins. Master's Coins can be earned by unlocking Battle Pass tiers OR by completing challenges AFTER you unlock your entire Battle Pass. They're also also included in both bundles available for purchase in the PlayStation Store (along with the free bundle for PS+ members). Master's Coins can be used to obtain exclusive items in the Marketplace OR Master's Crates, which contain additional unique items:

  • 3 Complete Outfits (pictured from left below: Hazmat, Honor, and Fire Brigade)
  • New Weapon, Vehicle, and Parachute Cosmetics
  • New Provoke Emote

Haven't settled on the perfect look for your party tonight?  Collect all the new Attendance rewards by simply logging in every day to complete the Viking Outfit:

OR get the X-Con Outfit from the X-Con Pack available for purchase in the PlayStation Store ($14.99 / €14.99):

Remember to dress to impress as you climb your way up the Leaderboards after Season 3 drops on February 21, 2019!