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Season 3 Update: Ranked Leaderboards

Players can now track their performance in solo, duos, and fives matches!

With Season 3 fast approaching, we’re excited to start delving into each of the major features debuting with this massive new free expansion (the biggest update to hit H1Z1 on PS4 yet!).

A brand new game mode (FFA Deathmatch), new Training Grounds, lobby and UI redesign, and so much more highlight an epic amount of new content coming your way next month. Today we’re taking a closer look at a one of the biggest new features that’s top of mind for many of you: Ranked Leaderboards.

Starting this season, you’ll be able to dynamically track your stats and performance across each battle royale game mode: solos, duos, and fives (FFA Deathmatch will initially be unranked, though kills are tracked within individual matches). Ranks will be categorized across 6 tiers (Master, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze), each with 3 subtiers:

Individual match scores will begin counting toward your rank AFTER a minimum of 5 matches played in that game mode. Match scores are determined by your overall placement, with bonuses for kills, assists, revives (in team play), top 10 finishes, and wins. Overall ranking is determined by a rating formula that adds cumulative match scores over the season with deductions for poor placement that players can start to accrue after achieving Platinum rank. Leaderboards will also track total kills and number of matches played over the entire season. All rankings will reset at the end of the season.  

Along with tracking overall rankings and individual placement, a new feature lets you easily toggle to see just your friends rankings on the leaderboards – healthy competition makes for a healthy social life! 

This is just the first iteration of Ranked Leaderboards, and we’re eager for your feedback – let us know what you think over on the forums