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Play Shotties & Snipers Duos + Revive This Weekend!

Earn the NEW Green Camo Sniper Rifle playing this weekend's Arcade mode!

This weekend's Arcade mode brings back Shotties & Snipers with a few new twists - Duos and Revive! Plus, find out how to earn the brand new Green Camo Sniper Rifle below.

Arcade Mode: Shotties & Snipers Duos + Revive

Shotties & Snipers Duos + Revive

Fan-favorite Shotties & Snipers returns for the weekend in Arcade mode! This time around, grab a friend (or a friendly stranger) and hop in as Shotties & Snipers will be a Duos mode. In addition, Revive has been turned on for this mode (thanks to community feedback) so you can pick your teammates back up and keep going.

Weekend Challenge Reward - Green Camo Sniper Rifle

Green Camo Sniper

This weekend's Challenge is for flexing your long-range skills - get 10 kills with the Sniper Rifle in Shotties & Snipers Arcade mode this weekend and you'll earn yourself the Green Camo Sniper Rifle (and some serious bragging rights!).

Animated Soulfire Riot Shotgun

Animated Soulfire Riot Shotgun

To match this week's offer of the animated Soulfire Apocalypse Mask, this weekend only you can grab the NEW animated Soulfire Riot Shotgun from the Message of the Day! Act fast though, as this offer will only be available through 10AM PT on Monday, May 21.