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SKIRMISH: Shotties and Snipers

Come check out what the next new Skirmish mode is!

Skirmish Is Back!


What is a Skirmish? We’re glad you asked! Skirmishes provide variety to the game by adding alternate ruleset matches that run only on weekends. These rulesets will rotate on a regular basis and modifications range from limiting weapon types to changing loot to altering how safe zones work.

To kick off the return of Skirmishes, we are proud to reintroduce a fan favorite: Shotties and Snipers. The only weapons you will find in the match will be the Shotgun and the Hunting Rifle. Put your long and short-range weapons skills to the test.

Shotties and Snipers Skirmish will be available every weekend through the remainder of the month of May starting Fridays at 10:00am PT and running through the following Mondays at 10:00am PT. These will be the only times you can join a Skirmish match. You can find Skirmishes under the Play option in the Main Menu.